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Tresys Technology
Member Since: 2009 
8840 Stanford Boulevard
Suite 2100
Columbia, Maryland 21045


Chief Executive Officer:
Robert Stalick

Vice President, Intelligence:
Mike Grabski

Marketing Director and AFCEA Contact:
Leandro Monteiro

Business Focus:
Tresys Technology provides effective, secure, state-of-the-art solutions to constantly changing cyber security threats. We have unparalleled expertise in high assurance architectures for enterprise and mobile computing, protecting access, transfer, and storage of our customers information assets. This includes the most sensitive and classified data from domestic/international government and critical infrastructure networks. Tresys certified and accredited products protect information while ensuring that the appropriate data gets to the correct location in a timely and confidential manner.

Tresys works with industry via the Open Source 
community to adopt fundamental technologies and 
approaches that reimagine how security is 
successfully applied and implemented. Starting 
with flexible mandatory access controls provided 
in SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) and 
continuing with "only known good" filtering and 
content inspection, Tresys provides customers with the high 
integrity security that meets the 
challenges of the most demanding environments.

> MobileFortress is a hardened version of 
Android that maintains the user experience while 
adding fortifications at the system's lowest 

> XD Bridge offers a novel approach to solving 
Cross Domain information transfer problems that 
delivers unmatched flexibility, low cost, and high 

> XD Air cleanses files on portable media to 
effectively mitigate the potential risk of 
malicious content in an operating environment 
while shielding the inspection platform from 

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