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GreenTec-USA, Inc.
Member Since: 2009 
11720 Sunrise Valley Drive
Suite LL-02
Reston, Virginia 20191


Vice President of Sales:
Bob Waligunda

Richard Detore

Steve Petruzzo

Business Focus:
GreenTec-USA,Inc., Reston, Virginia, provides HD video and "green" data center and storage solutions to the government and commercial markets. Products include low-energy, high-performance modular building block scalable servers and storage and cooling systems with up to 90 percent reduction in energy consumption, which exceeds EPA targets and PEO 13423. GreenTec-USA also provides the only hard disk available for Read Only WORM disks (Write Once Read Many) that provide the ultimate in secure, high-speed storage systems that scale from 3TB up to multiple Petabytes. WORMdisks and WORMdrives provide hardware level protection not by-passable regardless of operating system or access permissions. WORM enforcement stays with the disk wherever it goes so that data cannot be edited, changed, deleted, modified or reformatted.

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