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Base2 Engineering LLC
Member Since: 2009 
2661 Riva Road, Suite 1025
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

  (443) 949-8485

Chief Executive Officer:
Michael Curry

Business Focus:
Base2 Engineering, LLC ("Base2") is a provider of complex, mission-oriented services and solutions for the Intelligence Community and other Government clients. Base2 is enabling our customers to achieve and sustain its technological advantage in Intelligence, with additional capabilities in space and aviation. Base2's designs are traversing cyberspace, flying in unmanned and manned aircraft, sailing the seas, and orbiting the earth. Our engineering staff provides expertise in the design, development, prototyping and deployment of hardware, embedded software, software applications, and mechanical devices. Our customers rely on our people to provide timely, effective expertise to missions of critical national importance.

Quick reaction capability (QRC) of custom 
engineering designs and products; quickly 
converting customer requirements into real 
hardware, software, firmware, and mechanical 
solutions in weeks, not years.  

Custom Product Development: Design, development, 
and prototyping of electronic and software 
systems.  Base2 designs and builds complex, 
ruggedized electronics for deployment in 
environments where failure is not an option:  
space, airborne, shipboard, ground vehicle, and 
mission-critical cyber. We routinely design, 
develop, and deliver embedded systems, low-power 
designs, RF and software-defined radio systems, 
and ruggedized electronics. Our team is 
experienced in all aspects of hardware design, 
development, prototyping, and limited-rate 
production. Base2 designs and develops application 
and embedded software systems for custom and 
commercial-off-the-shelf hardware.  Our team has 
extensive hands-on experience with common desktop 
and embedded platforms including x86, ARM, 
PowerPC, and MIPS, as well as proficiency with 
numerous desktop, embedded, and mobile operating 
systems.  From Enterprise Operating Environments, 
down to FPGAs, we meticulously design and build 
our solutions to provide the reliability and 
performance required by our customers.

Cyber:  Base2 cyber capabilities spans the 
distance between the traditional computing 
environment and the Internet of Things (IoT).  
Whether through Pen-Testing, Packet Inspection, 
Fuzzing, or Reverse Engineering, we are practiced 
in the art of discovering security flaws inherent 
in hardware, firmware, and software.  

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