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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc.
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VP Federal Sales:
Brian Garmey

Director DoD:
Melissa Palmer

Chief Revenue Officer:
Pete Agresta

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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers comprehensive threat intelligence-driven security through a scalable solution portfolio of machine readable threat intelligence (MRTI), threat intelligence management with 140+ data sources transformed into global Internet and threat intelligence, threat intelligence services, and network threat mitigation.   By addressing risks across structured Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), unstructured and open source data (OSINT), internal network telemetry, and network threat mitigation, customers gain unprecedented understanding into threats that may impact their business including cyber, physical assets, and third party partners.   Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to operationalize threat intelligence in an effective and efficient way throughout the threat lifecycle.


LookingGlass ScoutVision provides comprehensive and 
relevant actionable risk information, streamlining 
workflows, delivering threat indicator confidence, and 
dramatically increasing analyst efficiency and 
productivity. ScoutVision combines real-time global 
Internet intelligence with hundreds of correlated threat 
data feeds and summarizes in a powerful, yet intuitive, 
sharable workspace-enabling threat analysts, security 
operations, and incident responders to deliver both 
strategic and tactical guidance to their stakeholders.

LookingGlass ScoutInterXect fuses internal enterprise 
network telemetry with real-time and historical 
ScoutVision global threat and Internet intelligence 
information.  This innovative blending of data delivers 
enhanced visibility for security forensics and faster 
incident response actions by security professionals. 

ScoutPrime delivers advanced threat scoring and 
alerting to contextualize and automate the discovery of 
actionable threat intelligence. ScoutPrime allows 
organizations the ability to customize the associated risk 
of threat intelligence empowering them to make better 
decisions to mitigate threats.


LookingGlass NetDefender threat mitigation appliances 
enable advanced security sensors to efficiently work 
together. Leveraging LookingGlass Deep Packet 
Processing, NetDefender appliances provide both traffic 
delivery to multiple 3rd party solutions, as well as block, 
redirect, or drop dangerous or suspect network traffic. 
When integrated with ScoutVision, NetDefender delivers 
proactive defense against threat seen over the horizon.

LookingGlass NetSentry threat mitigation appliances 
deliver a high-performance, enterprise-grade Network 
Intrusion Detection Systesm (NIDS) combining an 
optimized SNORT implementation with LookingGlass 
Deep Packet Processing.

LookingGlass DNS Defender threat mitigation appliances 
are carrier- and enterprise-grade DNS (Domain Name 
Services) protocol-specific firewalls that protect against 
DNS attacks, accelerate DNS performance, provide 
insight into DNS traffic, and deliver the flexibility you 
need to protect both your DNS and your entire 
enterprise from evolving threat actors.

Fortune 50 Financial Institutions; Major Federal Agencies

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