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Secusmart GmbH
Member Since: 2010 
Heinrichstraße 155
40239 Düsseldorf

Telephone: +49 211 447390

Spokeswoman, AFCEA Contact:
Swenja Kremer

Managing Director, AFCEA Contact:
Hans-Christoph Quelle

Business Focus:
Since being established in 2007, Secusmart has successfully driven forward the importance of secure communications. Only two years after their formation, the team and founders, Hans- Christoph Quelle and Christoph Erdmann, received approval for their government tender application. From this time onwards, governmental agencies, defense ministries, and many other institutions are equipped with the secure solutions from Secusmart. A new standard, which is sought after by many corporations and governments around the world. Bit by bit, the solutions were extended and augmented to make data communication as secure as mobile telecommunications. And besides mobile communication, Secusmart is now also securing fixed network telephony and conferences. Now Secusmart also secures the landline phones and teleconferences of DAX quoted companies, corporate consulting agencies, and brokers to name a few. Many highly renowned customers are protecting their communications with Secusmart solutions, because their information is too valuable to allow even one tiny leak.

The SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 high security 
supports all new generation smartphones from 
BlackBerry. The 
smartphone portfolio combines the highest level 
of comfort with 
anti-eavesdropping security. This new type of 
communications security protects both voice and 
data from 
third party attacks. In 2013 the Secusmart 
company from 
Düsseldorf presented the SecuSUITE for 
BlackBerry 10 solution 
at the world's largest IT trade fair, 
CeBIT, for the first time ever. 
Since 2014 the portfolio includes along the 
SecuSUITE for 
BlackBerry 10 a tap-proof telecommunication 
(SecuGATE LV) and a solution for telephone 
(SecuBRIDGE) including completely secure desk 
telephones. At 
CeBIT 2015 the SecuTABLET was launched: the new 
tablet for the national and international 
government and 
enterprise market allows the use of mobile data 
which subjects 
classified security requirements.

Vodafone and Secusmart are enhancing the 
security of voice 
communications. The telecommunications company 
and the 
German government's secure communications 
expert have 
developed a maximum security app called Secure 
Call and 
they'll be presenting it at CeBIT 2014. 
Secure Call is not just 
designed for politicians and government 
agencies, it also helps 
companies of all sizes to protect their 
intellectual property. 
Secure Call is a product that offers both the 
corporate and 
consumer sector top government-level encryption 
for maximum 
voice communications security. Inexpensively 
priced, the app 
will be a very attractive option for companies 
of all sizes.

Governments and enterprises worldwide, f.e. German government, NATO, etc.

Classification: approved for NATO Restricted

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