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Secusmart GmbH
Member Since: 2010 
Heinrichstraße 155
40239 Düsseldorf

  +49 211 447390

Spokesperson, AFCEA Contact:
Swenja Hintzen

Managing Director, AFCEA Contact:
Dr. Christoph Erdmann

Managing Director, AFCEA Contact:
Daniel Fuhrmann

Business Focus:
As a global leader in secure mobile communications, we develop and supply highly secure and encrypted speech and data communication solutions. Our SecuSUITE® products help governments, companies and any other organisation with the need to make highly secure calls. We analyse infrastructures and implement anti-eavesdropping communication solutions into existing systems. We offer comprehensive security services to protect our clients from any electronic eavesdropping attack. With SecuSUITE®, your smart devices remain as convenient as ever -- but benefit from the highest level of security worldwide!

Since being founded in 2007, Secusmart GmbH has developed into the global expert in secure communications it is today. Secusmart, a BlackBerry® subsidiary since the end of 2014, has been providing German government agencies, ministries and other official bodies with anti-eavesdropping solutions for mobile devices for more than eight years.

Secusmart is managed by its founder Dr Christoph Erdmann and Daniel Fuhrmann, who has been working for the company from the outset. Under their leadership, Secusmart has steadily grown and now supplies its trusted solutions to more than 20 governments worldwide.

Thanks to its spirit of innovation and development skills, Secusmart will continue to enjoy success by further transforming the provision of secure mobile communications for many years to come.

Governments and enterprises worldwide, f.e. German government, NATO, etc.

Classification: approved for NATO Restricted BSI Approved, NIAP Certified

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