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Kontron AG
Member Since: 2011 
Lise-Meitner-Strasse 3-5
86156 Augsburg

  0049 (0)8165/77 777

Chief Executive Officer:
Ulrich Gehrmann

AFCEA Contact:
Ingrid Einsiedler

Business Focus:
Kontron is at the forefront of embedded computing technology for military applications. The company has an array of specialized product and system designs that can be readily adapted to meet the demands of military applications. The strong in-house engineering also creates customized designs. With decades of experience supporting military projects, Kontron knows how to handle long-time availability/support, certifications and ruggedization.

Standard and custom solutions: ATR rugged systems and 
enclosures, 19-inch rugged rackmount server, rugged panel 
and box PCs. COTS technology: VME, VPX, cPCI, 
ATCA/AMC/MicroTCA, PC/104.

Leading OEMs, system integrators and engineering companies in military, government, energy, transportation, automation, medical and communication.

Annual Sales:
589.6 million euros.

Small Business Status:
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