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Trend Micro Canada
Member Since: 2012 
40 Hines Road, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2M5

  (613) 599-4505

Director Government Technology:
Angus MacDonald

Corporate Contact:
Chantal Charlebois

Account Executive and AFCEA Contact:
Bentley McCallum

Business Focus:
Trend Micro, a global cloud security leader, creates a world safe for exchanging digital information with its Internet content security and threat management solutions for businesses and consumers. As the largest independent security vendor with more than 23 years of dedicated security expertise, Trend Micro is recognized as a market leader in server and virtualization security and for delivering top-ranked endpoint, network and cloud-based solutions. Trend's global center for cloud-based security is based in Ottawa, Canada.

From consumer devices to enterprise networks and data 
Trend provides security that fits the threat landscape and 
varying IT infrastructures and customer needs.

Trend Micro sells to consumers, small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises. Forty-eight of the top 50 global corporations trust Trend with their security.

Annual Sales:
$1.2 billion.

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