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Chief Executive Officer:
Scott Burns

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Strategy:
Bobbie Browning

Vice President, Government Solutions:
Mike Pearson

Business Focus:
GovDelivery allows public sector organizations to transform digital communication in order to have true mission impact. The governments that work with GovDelivery can connect and engage with the public in more expansive and more valuable ways than ever before. GovDeliverys' mission is to help you maximize your direct connections with the public by: - Increasing your effectiveness by helping you reach more people. - Improving your efficiency by automating complex communications. - Enhancing your organizations' engagement with the public by driving mission value. Our core solution, GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM), helps you develop and manage your email communications, leverage social media channels and reach citizens directly with SMS/text messaging. Additional GovDelivery solutions help you: - Manage inbound citizen requests, inquiries and questions. - Build and develop secure, collaborative communities with stakeholders. - Send hundreds and thousands of critical, personalized, transactional messages directly to citizens.

1. GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM) is the 
only comprehensive digital communication management solution 
designed just for the public sector. This Cloud-based solution 
enables you to manage multichannel digital communications, 
email, text messaging, social media and more in one system.

2. GovDelivery Engagement Services supports government 
organizations and public sector partners that want to incorporate 
multichannel digital communication (from email to text 
messaging to social media), engagement, and collaboration 
strategies deeper into the organizations' mission.

3. GovDelivery Collaborative Community Management (CCM) 
offers your government entity the flexibility to innovate and 
collaborate with colleagues, citizens, businesses, government 
partners, consultants, and more, on a local, national or 
international level.

4. GovDelivery Citizen Service Management (CSM) helps 
government organizations manage projects, staff and internal 
and external requests by capturing, routing, and managing all 
forms of stakeholder requests.

5. GovDelivery Transactional Messaging Service (TMS) is a 
unique, Software-as-a-Service solution that makes critical, 
large-scale email communication between government and the 
public more effective and reliable.

6. GovDelivery Emergency Notification System (ENS) is a Cloud-
based platform that helps your government agency reach more 
people across several communication channels, email, SMS/text 
messaging, voice, and social media, in urgent situations more 
quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Nearly all Federal Cabinet departments and many independent Federal agencies use GovDelivery to help them communicate directly with citizens and stakeholders. Several Cabinet departments have enterprise-wide licensing agreements to promote shared platform and services. Federal agencies are currently using GovDelivery to deliver emails, text messages, RSS content and connect citizens via social media channels to share a variety of information, such as: - Severe weather alerts - Defense and military operations updates from around the world - Counter-terrorism activities and threat alerts - Small business owner assistance - Food recalls - Public health advisories - Veterans affairs and programs updates This allows federal clients are able to not only save money but drive mission-critical value for the public and their organization with GovDelivery solutions. In addition, citizens gain awareness of federal programs and agency roles, enhance or improve their health and welfare, and gain better access to government services. We love to share success stories, especially when clients tell the stories in their own words. Visit to read about following agencies and their experiences with GovDelivery : Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Guard Bureau U.S. Census Bureau National Science Foundation

Annual Sales:
$60 Million

Access to Contract Vehicles:
FedResults, Federal Consulting Group (FCG), Efiia, SEWP

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