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Area Spa
Member Since: 2013 
Via dell'Esperanto 71 Rome 00144 Italy
MPX Business Park Vizzola Ticino 21020 (VA) Italy
00144 Rome Italy


Chief Executive Officer:
Andrea Franco Formenti

Senior Vice President:
Marco Braccioli

Business Focus:
Closed communities, encryption, international organized crime, multiple heterogeneous data sources and dark web analysis are recognized difficulties for Intelligence Community over the Hybrid Warfare Scenario. New Digital Undercover Agent/Soldier offers the post Trojan solution to monitor opponent communities/enemies, to run under covert digital Stratcom streaming vital information in the Data Fusion Centre to understand and face nowadays threats to Citizen's security. AREA is the Italian leading technology Industry and provider of Unconventional Communication and IP Info- Intelligence solutions. AREA produces and provides an "end to end" Dual Use Info-Intelligence CC for HLS/HLD scenarios; satisfying Government Agencies' need to securely and effectively gather precious information to contrast menaces to Citizen's security and prevent digital attacks. Area's Hybrid Warfare solution covers Passive, Active and Tactical sensors for collecting data, combined with a Data Fusion and Analysis platform, designed to be Intelligence centric.

- Digital Human Intelligence Platform for  the    
infiltration of Digital Under Covert Agents/Soldiers 
inside Criminal & Terroristic Groups over the 
 -Data Fusion and Analysis Platform.
 -Lawful/ Interception Monitoring Centre.
 -Data Retention and IP NAT/PAT disambiguation  
 -Passive and Active Network Probes
 -Audio Video Prison Monitoring Center.
 -GPS, Audio and Video Tracker.
 -Imsi Imei catcher,Wi-fi Catcher,BTS scanner

Only governments according Dual Use and Wassenar Treaty regulation.

Annual Sales:
35 million euros.

UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001,UNI EN ISO 27001 Etsi TC/LI & Cyber full compliant certification.

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