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For more than a decade, the world has trusted Cofense to stop phishing attacks in their tracks. We keep government agencies, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, and thousands of other organizations secure. Cofense pioneered the phishing defense industry. Our solutions are trusted by half the Fortune 100. More than 29 million end-users have benefited from our services, all around the world, in over 160 countries. With Cofense you can: disrupt attacks at delivery and stay ahead of breaches; transform every user into an instinctual node on the network; crash-test every email; pivot from chronic defense to a strategy of offense; and trigger enterprise-wide security automation and orchestration with world-class integrations. For more information:

Cofense provides end-to-end phishing mitigation. Our Human Phishing Defense solutions provide comprehensive phishing defense from the inbox to the SOC, conditioning users to recognize and report phishing attacks while eliminating phishing related breaches by speeding the collection and response of phishing threats in real time.

Conditions employee behavior via real-world phishing simulations to provide safe, hands-on experience and learning opportunities.

Turns employees into informants with a simple email add-on to send suspicious emails to security teams for analysis.

Phishing Incident Response Platform enables fast collection and analysis of phishing threats to find real threats in real-time.
Quickly find and quarantine every email delivered in an active phishing campaign -- stopping attacks in their tracks.

Phishing specific threats and intelligence gathered in the wild and delivered via machine readable (MRTI) and with full human verified analysis reporting.

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