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Wickr, an AWS Company
Member Since: 2016 
1459 18th St # 313
San Francisco CA 94107-2801



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VP, Government & Defense:
Dan Skinner

Director of Sales, FSI:
Mark Robinson

Director of Federal Sales:
Matt Jones

Business Focus:
Wickr is The World's Most Secure Workplace. Instead of relying on insecure corporate IT platforms and shadow IT applications, what could your teams accomplish if they had access to a DoD IL-4 approved,FIPS, zero trust unified secure communications and collaboration platform? Wickr provides enterprise-grade, cross-enclave, end-to-end encrypted file, video, chat, text, and voice whether it's from their kitchen tables, the Pentagon...or all the way at the tactical edge, your teams can get their mission done. We are trusted across the DoD and Civilian agencies to enable enterprise communications at scale, with IT administrative controls, and to provide flexible options and controls for information governance and compliance for systems integrators and regulated industries.

Today, Wickr is the only DoD accredited full suite collaboration tool for text, video, voice and group chat available for CUI data including FOUO/PII/PHI that can be used on any device - personal or government issued, mobile or desktop device. Wickr is not only for use on NIPRNet (SOFNET-U), in fact you can easily install it on your personal phones and computers. Wickr is the only approved solution that allows your government computer to talk to users outside the VPN. The server is approved for use on a government approved cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

DoD ATO (IL4 FOUO/PII) DoD Validated Secure Mobile App DoD Approved Data Center FedRAMP Level 4 / 5 Built on a Zero Trust Network with FIPS 140-2 certification

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