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Dexter Edward, LLC
Member Since: 2017 
13873 Park Center Rd Ste 304
Herndon VA 20171-3287

  (703) 408-8876


Christopher Delaney

Marketing Manager:
Kayla Shemanski

Vice President:
Anton Massinon

Business Focus:
We make secure, anonymous communications and collaboration possible. Our patented platform, FOGNIGMA, uses automatically generated Ephemeral Software Defined Networks (that you design) to drive the likelihood of your data being attacked or compromised to nearly ZERO! The network creates polymorphic attack surfaces that exist only for the amount of time you need to conduct mission operations or data transfer...then disappear, removing every trace of the activity that was conducted. Simply stated, our solution reduces the attack profile of your organization, enhances mission success, defeats targeted Nation State cyber attacks.....all while reducing your administration costs!

Network as a Service (NaaS) Solutions that include: --Proactive non-signature based defenses --Complete chain of custody control --High bandwidth & computing capacity --Immunity to traffic correlation --No forensic footprint --Data and metadata protection --Active Cyber Defense --We use Denial, Deception, and Obfuscation techniques, along with complete network segmentation to protect your most sensitive data, conversations, SMS and text messages, and Video Conferences in a secure, double-encrypted environment. --Unique design enables collaboration, data and file sharing to occur between trusted and untrusted agents. --Overcome regional limitations by appearing to be originating inside denied territory boundaries. --Two layers of AES-256 Encryption to secure your data, voice communications, and internet activity.

We are delivering this capability today to select members of the National Intelligence and Defense communities on a daily basis!

Annual Sales:
In excess of $5 Million.

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