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Will LaForest

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Tyrrell Brand

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Nancy Khlan

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Confluent, founded by the creators of open source Apache Kafka , provides the leading streaming platform that enables enterprises to maximize the value of data. Confluent Platform enables leaders in industries such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, technology and media, to move data from isolated systems into a real-time data pipeline where they can act on it immediately. Backed by Benchmark, Data Collective, Index Ventures, LinkedIn and Sequoia, Confluent is based in Palo Alto, California. To learn more, please visit Download Apache Kafka and Confluent Open Source at

What are Confluent's products? Confluent is the leading distribution of Apache Kafka and provides Confluent Platform, which includes enterprise-grade features and makes working with Kafka easy out of the box. The three components of Confluent Platform are: Confluent Enterprise, Confluent Cloud and Confluent Open Source. Confluent Cloud, Apache Kafka as a Service, is a hosted service that delivers a resilient, scalable streaming platform based on Apache Kafka. Deployable in minutes, it is the ideal streaming data service for the DevOps starved organization or the agile, cloud-first developer on a mission. It's currently available on AWS with support for Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure coming in the future. Confluent Enterprise enables companies to centralize and simplify operations, administration and monitoring of a Kafka streaming platform. Confluent Enterprise features Confluent Control Center, a management tool that gives operators the visibility and operational strength to manage a Kafka environment. Confluent Enterprise also includes multi-datacenter replication and auto data balancing for global scale and uptime, improved performance and greater ease when moving data, regardless of whether it is deployed on premises or in the cloud. Confluent Enterprise is available via an enterprise subscription. Confluent Open Source includes all the capabilities of Kafka plus some additional open source connectors, including the REST Proxy and Schema Registry as well as KSQL, an open source streaming SQL engine that makes it simple to perform continuous queries against Apache Kafka.

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