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Bastille Networks
Member Since: 2018 
101 2nd St Ste 510
San Francisco CA 94105-3663



Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
Chris Risley

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO):
Ivan O'Sullivan

General Manager Public Sector:
Chris Schiavone

Business Focus:
Bastille is the first company to enable enterprise security teams to assess and mitigate the risk associated with the growing Internet of Radios. Bastille's patented software and security sensors bring visibility to devices emitting radio signals (Wi-Fi, cellular, wireless dongles and other IoT communications) in your organization's airspace. Bastille's technology scans the entire radio spectrum, identifying devices on frequencies from 60 MHz to 6 GHz. This data is then gathered and stored, and mapped so that you can understand what devices are transmitting data, and from where in your corporate airspace. This provides improved situational awareness of potential cyber threats and post-event forensic analysis.

Bastille's Cellular Intrusion Detection solution is the first which accurately detects, counts, and locates cellular devices using just, their cellular signal, inside your facility in real-time and 24/7.     Bastille tracks devices via Bluetooth and Wi-F but the bad actors turn off those signals when they plan to undertake bad actions. To know that your facility is locked down from unauthorized devices you need to detect and locate devices just from their cellular signals.      DVR functionality lets you look back over days or weeks and see where cell phones in your building were 3 weeks ago and how they moved around your facility.  This forensic capability contributes to security investigations.    Bastille's ability to accurately detect and locate cell phones, and distinguish between multiple phones leads to the ability to create a geo-fenced area within a facility, set a policy for that area, and alert when a phone enters.

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