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209 Windell Ave
Annapolis MD 21401-3270



Chief Executive Officer:
Paul Battista

Director of Public Sector:
Trey Heine

Chief Technology Officer:
Ed Dorsey

Business Focus:
Polarity was founded by former intelligence officers and incident responders to bring the first commercial memory-augmentation platform to market. Why perform simple searches or lookups when the power of modern computers and Polarity can automatically bring the results to you? The human brain is great at pattern recognition but not so great at recall. Whether you re a cyber analyst looking for threats or a financial analyst doing research - Polarity improves decision making by allowing users to capture, recall, and share intelligence across any workflow.

Augmented Reality for your desktop with Polarity The memory augmentation platform that makes your team smarter. Polarity provides knowledge workers of all types the ability to save time and work more effectively by, Capture From any application, with the touch of a keystroke, you can annotate any string with information worth sharing or remembering. This could be notes on a customer, evidence from an investigation, or intelligence on a threat. Recognize Polarity then recognizes what your team has annotated. Overlay The HUD - Polarity incorporates your teams annotations into an actual heads-up display for their desktops that draws directly on their screens to give them superhuman data awareness and recall without affecting their existing workflow. Channels The collective memory grows over time and users choose what channels of data they subscribe to. Users configure the overlay to identify what institutional knowledge is actionable vs informational.

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