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Ron Vancourt

Ron Vancourt

Business Focus:
Performance and cost - that is what it boils down to. In all contexts and projects where Systecon and Opus Suite are involved, the common denominator is the drive to increase cost effectiveness. This is usually the case for a fleet of systems, for example, fighter jets, naval ships, rail vehicles or wind turbines. We provide our clients with expertise, know-how and the world's most competent LCM analytics platform, making it possible to optimize the technical design, operations and support solution, so that availability, sustainability and flexibility can be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

The key to our business is that our customers and Opus Suite Users get state of the art predictions and answers to their LCM questions and challenges as quickly and effectively as possible. We take pride in the confidence our users have that by using the Opus Suite they will be able to make the best and most well informed of decisions. To ensure that this is accomplished by our customers we offer services in addition to the Opus Suite software ranging from individual analysis efforts to building the capability within organizations to be fully self sufficient in the Analytical LCM area. For successful implementation of the Opus Suite the needs and prerequisites of the organization must be considered in the light of the cornerstones of LCM. This means uncover, locating and effectively using the data and information available in the organisation, building the analytical capability and finding how the results should be incorporated into the existing procedures to get the desired effect.

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