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Bluemont Technology & Research, Inc.
Member Since: 2008 
Post Office Box 182
Bluemont, Virginia 20135

  (540) 955-6072

President and Chief Executive Officer:
Bernadette Gagnon

Operations Director:
Eric Downward

Business Focus:
Bluemont Technology & Research, Inc. focuses on data-driven solutions for client enterprises. Because many people are overwhelmed by data from many sources throughout the world, the company helps control the data. Bluemont examines not only software applications but also the entire system architecture (software, hardware, network, data) and how clients want to use it.

Information architecture, data 
collections/analytics, high-performance computing, 
cyber services, and staff augmentation. Custom 
clusters and solid-state storage solutions.

Intelligence community.

Annual Sales:
$1.9 million

Access to Contract Vehicles:
seaport-e, Seaport-NxG

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