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Cyber Committee



The Cyber Committee provides an active focal point within AFCEA to promote an ethical dialogue among government, industry and academia on cyber-related issues.


Standing Committees (Cyber, Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security, Small Business and Technology) are chartered by and responsible to the President/CEO of AFCEA International. The purpose of the committees are to coordinate and enhance AFCEA’s outreach to the responsible communities, and to cultivate a spirit of partnership among the public and private sectors. Committees also serve as a forum to develop new ideas regarding technical, operational challenges and capabilities in support of AFCEA chapters and members worldwide and other information exchange services. Each committee includes representation from industry, academia and government (including military). Only industry participants are elected as members to the committees. Government and academia representatives are appointed by their respective organizations to serve on AFCEA standing committees.


Specifically, the Cyber Committee:

  1. Strengthens AFCEA’s role as an advocate for productive exchange of ideas in the cyber community, making available to AFCEA’s members worldwide the best information available on relevant issues and productive dialogue on global capabilities to address these issues.
  2. Supports AFCEA and its membership by preparing, reviewing, approving and/or making recommendations on cyber content for events, publications, workshops, education and training, white papers, and other services of the Association.
  3. Makes resources (ideas, speakers, and papers) available to AFCEA chapters worldwide regarding cybersecurity challenges, ideas and concepts.
  4. Supports AFCEA’s SIGNAL magazine by encouraging and contributing ideas for cyber-related articles and interviews.
  5. Promotes AFCEA membership and support within the community.
  6. Oversees nomination and recommendation of recognition programs for the cyber community.
  7. Coordinates activities and collaborates with other AFCEA Standing Committees (Homeland Security, Defense, Intelligence, Small Business and Technology).


AFCEA Cyber Committee Collaboration files:

To access the shared planning documents (committee members only) click here


Committee Membership:


John Gilligan


Gilligan Group, Inc.

Jill Singer


Tummler Singer Associates, LLC

AFCEA Representative

Ben Smith

Manager, Homeland Security Programs

AFCEA International

To see the complete membership roster, click here.

Committee Membership Application:
If you are an AFCEA industry member and would like to apply to serve on the Cyber Committee, click here.

Note: Government Committee liaisons and Academia Committee members do not participate in election consideration, but are appointed by their organizations.


White Papers:

Security Implications of the Internet of Things

The Science of Security: A Survey and Analysis

Cyber Intelligence Sharing

The Economics of Cybersecurity: A Practical Framework for Cybersecurity Investment

The Economics of Cybersecurity Part II: Extending the Cybersecurity Framework

The Future of Internet Governance: Can the Current Model Support the New Economics of the Internet?

Critical Infrastructure: Electric Power

Insider Threat: Protecting U.S. Business Secrets and Sensitive Information

Secure Mobility

Cyber Assured Identity

Looking for the Right Answers in the Clouds
Security and Cloud Computing
Security Risks of Not Migrating to IPv6

Supply Chain Risk Management

The AFCEA Intelligence Committee also publishes white papers, available here.

Cyber Conflict Case Studies Essay Contest:
AFCEA International partnered with the Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) and the Atlantic Council for a competition for case studies in the history of cyber conflict. The 2012 First and Second Place winners in the Student and Professional categories are:

Student Contest

First Place: Ethan Groves - "Evolution of U.S. Use of Cyber Power"

Second Place: Andreas Hagen - "The Russo-Georgian War of 2008"

Professional Contest

First Place: Mark Yanalitis - "Cuckoo's Egg"

Second Place: Robert Lee - "The History of Stuxnet"


AFCEA Answers Radio Show - Cyber Episodes:
AFCEA Answers was AFCEA's bi-weekly radio show airing on Friday, 2:05 pm EST on 1500 AM and through September, 2014. AFCEA Answers provided a forum to promote government and industry dialogue. Government and industry guests met to address an issue (the weekly question) and provide specific solutions (the answers).


Additional Resources:

NSA Best Practices for Home Network Security



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