U.S. Army Opens Cyber Analytics Lab

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory opened the Army Cyber-research Analytics Laboratory.

IARPA), the research arm for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, has announced the Functional Map of the World (fMoW) challenge, which officially kicks off in August. IARPA Seeks to Create Functional World Map

IARPA has announced the functional Map of the World (fMoW) challenge, which officially kicks off in August.

Combatting Cyberthreats with Faster Acquisition

Combatting cyberthreats takes money and a faster buying process.

In late October, companies will have the opportunity to present cyber solutions to the U.S. Defense Department's Rapid Reaction Technology Office. Rapid Reaction Technology Office Seeks Cyber Solutions

The U.S. Defense Department’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) will conduct a solutions meeting in late October.

Computers and credit cards are the new department stores, shopping malls and food marts. 5 Ways Technology Has Changed the World

While it seems appropriate that octogenarians tell stories that begin with, "When I was your age...," now people only in their 30s are marveling at the capabilities the younger generation enjoys.

A Golden Age in Federal Technology Procurement

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's benchmark for encryption modules has seen recent innovation, opening the playing field for competition.