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The Risky World

October 9, 2008
By H. Mosher

Lt. Gen. Harry D. Raduege Jr., USAF (Ret.) posits some interesting questions in this month's incoming columns. Looking at the nature of enterprise risk, he wonders whether any of our readers have ever been notified that their personal data had been exposed:

I have ... and it is not a comforting feeling. It also makes you immediately question the care and practices of the organizations that solicited your trust in safeguarding your private information.

Today, we find a common thread in our net-centric world: Business opportunity and information dependence breed business risk. In particular, risk to security and privacy is present in huge doses every day. But how should we best manage the information risk coming through the door, over our firewall and through our software on a continual basis?

We all realize that the risk to our national security, business and personal data is growing. Our information networks and means of storage are increasingly vulnerable to attack and compromise. Is it any wonder that new terminology such as enterprise risk management (ERM), risk intelligence, risk assessments and business risk have become so common? Today's business environment is full of risk, whether it involves national security, intelligence gathering, transportation, operations, medical, logistics, sales or any other business activity.

You can read his entire article and suggestion for managing enterprise risk here, but in the meantime, you can comment on the issues he brings up right here on SIGNAL Scape. Have you had any experiences with your personal information being compromised? What do you think needs to be done to stop this from happening?



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