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Boatsie's Boxes

April 23, 2009
By Henry Kenyon

Boatsie's Boxes started out sending packages to the base hospital in Balad, Iraq, and now gives goodies to several military hospitals as well as young troops deployed for the first time. In addition, through help from service members, items now are reaching the front lines of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The organization does special mailings at holidays such as Operation Christmas Stocking and the recent mailings of bags of jelly beans at Easter.

Contact and donation information is available online, as are photo albums from various years. A list of items Boatsie's needs to send to the troops also is posted; goods especially necessary for the upcoming hot-weather months are listed in red.

The programs listed on these pages are not affiliated with our publication or association. We highlight these independent efforts as a service to our military and our readers. For more information about these programs, please contact the organizations directly.


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