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As a European citizen I also have to express my concerns on the views and statements of Mr. Schneider.

Given the information that has been provided by Snowden is correct, the US government did not only violate the US constitution, but it massively broke contracts with and laws of many other partner states. Spying European embassies, SWIFT, the Brazilian government etc can not be part of an US policy against terrorism.

In addition, compromising encryption algorithms and standards that are widely used by individuals and companies leads to an additional threat that hopefully after being made transparent now, will get taken care of.

Last but not least the act of the US government is going to lead to a significant loss of trust of consumers into many products that US companies are offering on an international level and thus will cause a severe economic damage to those companies.

Terrorism is a sever threat to many of us, but to sacrifice the privacy of all of us is not an acceptable answer. Privacy belongs to my unimpeachable basic rights. I therefore disagree, especially if the same government accepts thousands of US citizens every year getting killed by misuse of hand guns without addressing the problem properly.

Still thinking of the integrity of the US government, the senate and the congress, all this leaves me with the question to which extend the potentially criminal acts that have been conducted by US governmental agencies have been transparent to and sanctioned by them at all.

Mr Robinson is very right with his conclusion above. It is the start of a discussion and not participating will lead us all down to the rabbit hole.