January 15, 2008

International Contracts

Integrated Bridge System for Icelandic Ship
A new offshore patrol vessel (OPV) for the Icelandic Coast Guard will receive a state-of-the-art integrated bridge system. The system is tailored specifically for the space constraints and operational requirements of modern OPVs. Similar technology packages are being supplied to the Chilean Navy for two of its vessels, and construction of the Icelandic Coast Guard’s ship is being carried out in Chile. Northrop Grumman’s Sperry Marine business unit was awarded the contract for the integrated bridge system by ASMAR Shipyard, which is building the 93-meter Icelandic OPV. The system integration will be based on Sperry Marine’s next-generation VisionMaster FT navigation technology. The new OPV will be commissioned in 2009. These types of vessels are intended to serve as platforms for offshore patrol, fishery control and inspection, general law enforcement operations and search and rescue support.

Life-cycle Support for Canadian Radar
Eight Canadian Navy AN/SPS-49 (V) radar systems are contracted for repair, overhaul, engineering and upgrade services. The AN/SPS-49 is an L-band, long-range, two-dimensional, air-search radar system that enables automatic detection and reporting of targets supporting the anti-air warfare mission in surface ships. The radar acquires low-altitude targets in all sea states through the use of a line-of-sight, horizon-stabilized antenna. Self-defense support is provided through external control of AN/SPS-49 modes, operation by the command and control system, and processing to identify and flag contacts as special alerts. Total life-cycle support will be provided including fleet repair work, field service support, overhaul support material and integrated logistics support. The Public Works and Government Services of Canada and Raytheon signed a $22.4 million contract for the services. The award extends Raytheon’s support services to the Navy until 2013, with options to continue work until 2015. Work will be conducted in Calgary, Alberta, at Raytheon Canada’s Naval Systems Support facility.

Brits Buy Unmanned Aircraft

The British Army’s capability will be increased through the purchase of more Desert Hawk III Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs). The UAS consists of a lightweight, hand-launched, ruggedized air vehicle that includes a manportable ground station. It provides users with autonomous intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability, including terrain avoidance and dynamic in-flight retasking. The latest generation of the Desert Hawk UAS maximizes the system's target detection and recognition capabilities through a long-endurance air vehicle capable of operating in high-wind environments such as the desert. The Desert Hawk III system's air vehicle includes steerable plug-and-play imaging payload capabilities so British forces will have greater situational awareness. The U.K.Defence Equipment and Support Organization in the Ministry of Defence awarded Lockheed Martin the $4.8 million contract. Other Desert Hawk III elements have been delivered to the British Army previously, including ground control stations, remote video terminals, field repair kits, a spare parts program and technical support.

Watchkeeper Work in Wales
A new work package for the U.K. Watchkeeper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) program will include carrying out a variety of airborne test and evaluation elements at ParcAberforth in West Wales and the adjoining U.K. Ministry of Defence (MOD) Aberporth air range. Other ground-based work will take place at private facilities at MOD Boscombe Down to enable a range of preflight activities including environmental and electromagnetic compatibility testing. The work supports and augments wider UAV development programs currently under investigation by public and private organizations. QinetiQ won the award for the work valued at $10 million. The contract will be administered through the West Wales UAV Centre, a teaming between QinetiQ and WestWalesAirport. The award announcement follows 15 months of promotion and planning by QinetiQ, WestWalesAirport and the Welsh Assembly Government, and culminated in detailed negotiations with the MOD’s Tactical UAV Integrated Project team.

Malaysians Contract Hawk Fleet Services
The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) has contracted technical and materiel support for its Hawk fleet. The technical support includes two elements: in-country through the provision of three field service representatives at Malaysian bases; and post-design services from within the United Kingdom including technical advice and amendments to technical publications. The agreement also calls for requisite aircraft spares and assistance with the repair and overhaul of aircraft equipment. The RMAF will receive aircraft modifications when required and help ensure the Hawk fleet remains at the desired level of capability. BAE Systems signed the direct purchase agreement with the RMAF. It enables the Air Force to buy goods and services within an identified budget under a set of agreed terms and conditions. The agreement runs until 2010.


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