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Argon ST

Argon to Support Joint Protection System Research

April 15, 2013
George I. Seffers

Argon ST Inc., Fairfax, Va., was awarded a $9,632,695 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to provide services in support of the Joint Unified Multi-Capable Protection System research and development program. The Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., is the contracting activity. 

Boeing Subsidiary Provides Ship Situational Awareness

January 4, 2013
George I. Seffers

Boeing will continue helping improve situational awareness for U.S. Navy surface combat ships under a $46 million exercised option of its Ship's Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE) Increment F contract. The funding, to Boeing subsidiary Argon ST, covers seven systems over 18 months, representing the third lot of full-rate production units. Argon has delivered a combined total of more than 80 SSEE systems since 2000. Increment F improves on the E’s antennas, signal acquisition, and direction finding, facilitating increased data collection and better identification of potential threats.

Argon ST Continues Providing Torpedo Defense System

January 4, 2013
George I. Seffers

Under a newly exercised option for the AN/SLQ- 25C system contract, Boeing subsidiary Argon ST, Fairfax, Va., will continue to supply U.S. Navy surface ships with countermeasures that lure torpedoes away by mimicking a vessel’s propulsion system. The $8 million option covers production and delivery of eight new AN/SLQ-25C systems—commonly called Nixie—under the Navy’s Surface Ship Torpedo Defense program. An electro-acoustic towed decoy system, Nixie can communicate with its host ship’s network for a fully integrated defense capability.

Argon Awarded Funds for Electro-Acoustic Countermeasure Decoy

December 29, 2011
By George Seffers

Argon ST, Smithfield, Pennsylvania, is being awarded a $14,792,994 firm-fixed-priced indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for procurement of four AN/SLQ-25A/C systems and spare parts. AN/SLQ-25A/C is a digitally controlled, modular design, electro-acoustic softkill countermeasure decoy system. The system defends ships against wake homing, acoustic homing, and wire-guided torpedoes. This contract combines purchases for the U.S. Navy, and under the Foreign Military Sales Program, the government of Canada. The Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington D.C., is the contracting activity.

Argon to Support Light Weight Joint Deployable Air Drop System

March 18, 2011
By George Seffers

Argon ST, Fairfax, Virginia, is being awarded a $45 million contract for the procurement, testing, delivery, training, and logistical support of the Joint Precision Air Drop System Ultra Light Weight (JPADS-ULW). The procurement is for the acquisition of a JPADS-ULW, an aircraft deployed, steerable canopy system that is capable of delivering cargo loads of 250 pounds to 699 pounds rigged weight, safely and effectively from 24,500 feet mean sea level through hardware, software altitude control, glide management of system descent and landing. The Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Virginia, is the contracting activity.

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