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June 2012

Small Change Realizes Large Savings

June 25, 2012
By Rita Boland, SIGNAL Online Exclusive

As U.S. military organizations and the private companies that support them struggle to adjust to decreases in funding, they are searching for efficiencies even in seemingly small matters

DOD Releases Mobile Device Strategy

June 17, 2012
By Robert K. Ackerman, SIGNAL Online Exclusive

Advanced 4G mobile service, the use of personal mobile devices and its own dedicated apps are among the objectives of Version 2.0 of the U.S. Defense Department’s Mobile Device Strategy. Released Friday, June 15, 2012, the strategy lists three major goals and several subset objectives designed to bring the benefits of mobile systems to the department.

Lockheed Martin Wins Potential $4.6 Billion Contract

June 15, 2012
By George I. Seffers, SIGNAL Online Exclusive

Industry experts say they expect the Defense Information Systems Agency to announce the winner--possibly as early as today--of the potential $4.6 billion Global Information Grid Services Management-Operations contract. The seven-year contract will provide for the day-to-day operations of the Defense Department's worldwide network, known as the Defense Information Systems Network, and related telecommunications.

The Bottom Line: Hiring Practices Meet Social Media

June 15, 2012
By Maryann Lawlor, SIGNAL Connections

Technology simultaneously has made job hunting simpler and more daunting.

AFCEA Personality Profile: Johnnie Young

June 15, 2012
By Rachel Eisenhower, SIGNAL Connections

Called a “rare gem” by a fellow member of the Atlanta Chapter, Johnnie Young tirelessly juggles his career and volunteer responsibilities.

Know Your AFCEA Benefits: Student Chapters

June 15, 2012
By Maryann Lawlor, SIGNAL Connections

AFCEA International offers academic institutions the opportunity to create student chapters as forums for knowledge sharing and discussions about various aspects of communications and information technology.

AFCEA Announces New Chairman

June 15, 2012
By Maryann Lawlor, SIGNAL Connections

The AFCEA International board of directors elected Alfred Grasso, president and chief executive officer of The MITRE Corporation, to serve as the association’s chairman of the board.

Army Virtual Worlds Expert Forges Ahead Without 'Second Life'

June 11, 2012
By Max Cacas, SIGNAL Online Exclusive

One of the most ardent proponents of virtual worlds technologies for military collaboration has forged ahead and developed a version of the Second Life technology that is able to operate behind secure .mil firewalls, and it is on its way to being certified for secure operation within most military networks.

Massive Request for Proposal Defines NGEN Race

June 2012
By Robert K. Ackerman, SIGNAL Magazine

Prospective bidders for the U.S. Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network are facing several balancing acts as they weigh multiple criteria to vie for the multibillion-dollar contract. Issues such as technology refresh, service integration and savings sharing loom large in what ultimately will be the Navy’s primary information network.

Airmen Fix Energy on the Horizon

June 2012
By Rita Boland, SIGNAL Magazine

The U.S. Air Force is planning an energy future in which it both leads and follows the technology efforts of others. Improved efficiencies as well as alternative technologies will play key roles in giving the Air Force supremacy in energy as well as in the air. The future of the Air Force’s fundamental research into energy through the year 2026 is outlined in a report designed to maintain the service’s position as the pre-eminent entity in air and space. Titled Energy Horizons, the paper offers plans for power-source science and technology (S&T) not only in the expected air and space arenas, but also in cyberspace and infrastructure.


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