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SIGNAL Connections June 2013

Business Model for an Interoperable World

June 17, 2013

In one of the latest additions to the SIGNAL Online Resource Library, RTI, a real-time infrastructure software company, shares its expertise about achieving interoperability in the realm of licensing and pricing policies for key system software. The white paper describes a new infrastructure community model that facilitates the development, integration and evolution of fully interoperable systems.

Lt. Gen. John Dubia, USA (Ret.), Retires from AFCEA

June 17, 2013

Association seeks candidates for executive vice president, defense.

The Bottom Line: Military Operational Paradigm Shifts

June 17, 2013
By Maryann Lawlor

Up until now, elected officials, in consultation with military and intelligence experts, have made strategic national decisions about the role of the United States in global security. But the current congressional budgeting approach is turning this procedure on its head: military leaders will tell the elected what they can accomplish with the appropriated resources.

Meet AFCEA International’s Virginia Regional Vice President Steve Kelley

June 17, 2013
By Max Cacas

Even in retirement, one of AFCEA’s regional vice presidents stays active and involved in his industry-related volunteer activities.

New Online Cybersecurity Training Initiative

June 17, 2013

AFCEA to offer 34 cybersecurity courses based on the U.S. federal government FedVTE through Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute.


Corporate Membership Deal: Only Two Weeks Left

June 17, 2013

Companies that join AFCEA or renew at the three-year level receive the third year free. This offer saves organizations hundreds and even thousands of dollars yet still provides complete membership benefits.


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