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TechNet Augusta

Military Carries On the Lesson of Flight 93

TechNet Augusta 2013 Online Show Daily, Day Two
TechNet Augusta had a different feeling Wednesday than is normal for military communications conferences. This fact is unsurprising; it was September 11. The people at this event are not those who simply wear yellow ribbons. These are the men and women who have fought the fights that have raged because of those hijacked planes. Until you spend the anniversary of terrorist attacks in a convention center full of military members and veterans, it is difficult to grasp fully the impact of more than a decade of foreign war or the dedication of some human beings to ideals such as freedom or country.
Before the real business of the day began, there was a 9/11 remembrance ceremony that hailed heroes from fire departments, police departments, United Flight 93 and, of course, the military. As soon as Americans understood what was happening that fateful morning, they began to fight back, starting with that call of “Let’s Roll” on a plane that crashed in Pennsylvania and continuing today in nations far from here. As the discussions of the day progressed, they took on many of the themes associated with 9/11—supporting warfighters and partnerships. Unfortunately, recent changes also demanded attention to acquisition.

The Future of the Army Is More About People Than Technology

September 11, 2013
By Rita Boland

As often happens when discussions focus on military technology, talk during the first day of TechNet Augusta 2013 zeroed in on people, not capabilities. Leaders today shared their ideas on human resources and how they would make all the difference modernizing the Army network during a time of lean budgets.

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