Tactical Operations

High technology dominates the battlespace, but its greatest effects are felt in the tactical arena. Forces long have relied on advanced systems for success, but now tactical operations are built around capabilities introduced by technological innovation. The pace of that innovation has increased as commercial capabilities are being rushed to the battlespace in increasing numbers. Both private industry and the military continue to press research into new technologies and capabilities that might give warfighters the edge they need to prevail in the tactical arena.


The U.S. defense pivot to the Asia-Pacific region is now well established in strategic doctrine. But it remains largely unfulfilled in practice, as forces and capabilities tend to migrate rather than emerge. The Defense Department is moving methodically to meet its strategic responsibilities in the vital region, but several speed bumps hinder progress. U.S. forces already in place must be able to respond to current exigencies as their makeup and capabilities change, and forces new to the region must adapt to the unique demands of a theater of operation that spans half the globe.