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Technology Brief: Meeting the US Presidential Executive Order for Zero Trust
Provided By: archTIS   Send Email to POC   View Content   Dec 2021
The new U.S. Presidential Cybersecurity Executive Order for Zero Trust requires US Federal agencies to transition to a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). These new ZTA recommendations still do not effectively address the data security challenges. In this new Technology Brief we discuss the ramifications of this executive order and how to extend zero trust to the data itself. Read the Technology Brief to learn: How traditional zero trust architecture addresses network and application security, not the data that sits behind them. How this zero trust 'blindspot' leaves agencie ...

Jumpstarting Rural Broadband Initiatives
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Dec 2021
High-speed Internet access is critical to economic opportunity, job creation, education and civic engagement. All Americans, whether living and working in cities or the nation's rural areas, need reliable and ready access. This white paper, prepared by members of AFCEA's Cyber Committee, reviews some of the major government programs to improve nationwide availability of broadband and offers suggestions for how and why the private sector should participate. It also investigates the security and national competitive implications of the lack of reliable broadband Internet ...

Zero Trust Architectures and the Tactical Domain: A Round Peg in a Square Hole?
Provided By: Redcom   Send Email to POC   View Content   Nov 2021
The Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) has rapidly become the hottest topic in cybersecurity. However, REDCOM has noticed that today's discussions inevitably focus on ZTA from the standpoint of the enterprise, ignoring the nuances and pitfalls of implementing ZTA in the tactical domain. Instead of driving the ZTA solely from the top-down, REDCOM is seeing an operational benefit in constructing the enterprise ZTA from the bottom-up. This paper will delve into the potential issues with the industry's current approach and introduce our solution, REDCOM ZKX. ZKX changes the secu ...

Executive Order on Improving
Provided By: Tanium   Send Email to POC   View Content   Nov 2021
On May 12, 2021, President Biden signed an Executive Order (EO) to improve the nation's cybersecurity and protect federal government networks. True improvement necessitates the adoption of modern approaches and practices, with the most critical element being enterprise wide, real-time visibility and control. As proven by numerous recent cyber events, federal agencies cannot rely on prevention and detection capabilities as the only solution. The approach, capabilities, and requirements must provide everyone from the CISO to the System Administrator with the ability to id ...

Optimizing Your Zero Trust Environment for Secure Video Conferencing
Provided By: Pexip   Send Email to POC   View Content   Oct 2021
Zero Trust is shaping the future of data security for government organizations. In this white paper, you'll learn what Zero Trust is, how it works, and why data-centric security matters. You'll also discover the role of data confidence, and why dynamic risk assessments will revolutionize everything we think we know about cybersecurity.

Layer 1 Matrix Switches provide ultra-secure, ultra-scalable, any-to-any connectivity for mission-critical Military Applications
Provided By: Netscout   Send Email to POC   View Content   Oct 2021
Applications that require a high level of security and guaranteed packet delivery are best served by a Layer 1 Matrix Switch. Many types of applications, from video distribution systems for command and control to large-scale cyber test ranges, require secure, high-performance packet delivery that a traditional networking infrastructure cannot provide. Learn more about three use cases for NETSCOUT's Matrix Switches and management software.

Managed Attribution: A Foundation for Effective Online Operations
Provided By: Ntrepid Corp   Send Email to POC   View Content   Oct 2021
Managed attribution (MA) is the process of controlling the technical and behavioral indicators that comprise your online identity (or attribution). By managing their attribution, operators, investigators, analysts, and researchers can construct an online identity that is consistent with their mission and may persist over time, allowing them to access social media platforms, dark web markets, and other online operational domains. This MA-enabled access allows users to pursue a variety of online missions without revealing their identity or organization. In short, effectiv ...

Cyber Range as a Service
Provided By: Technical Systems Integrators   Send Email to POC   View Content   Oct 2021
For companies that have or make use of production network infrastructures whether private or public, in the cloud or a hybrid, there is a need for developers, consumers of the infrastructure, and the administrators of the infrastructure to perform cyber training, testing, and exercises on a replica of their production infrastructure or Cyber Range. Delivering this Cyber Range as a Service (CRaaS) allows for the fastest and most economical way to for users to perform their required tasks. The myriad of services, applications, processes, methodologies, and tools such as t ...

The Cyber Edge July 2021
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2021
The U.S. Navy is moving ahead at full speed to equip its assets with e┬Čective cybersecurity. However, the diverse nature of those assets, some are city-size ships while others are small but vital systems, confound planners seeking to ensure interoperable security measure.

Public-Private Partnerships Key To Combatting Cyberthreats
Provided By: SolarWinds   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2021
Adopting a security by design approach is helping SolarWinds improve its security while also promoting supply chain security with its customers.

The Cyber Edge October 2021
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2021
Coast Guard Embarks on Cyber Offense. The service blends its traditional maritime roles with expanded digital strengths to thwart adversaries.

Air Force IT modernization aims to streamline, speed up operations
Provided By: Akima   Send Email to POC   View Content   Aug 2021
The U.S. Air Force IT enterprise deals with a range of needs, from managing services such as help desk tickets to managing major initiatives such as cybersecurity and cloud migration programs. Governance, configuration management and a customer focus are the key components to its success. Learn more from Douglas Dudley, director of Air Force programs for Akima LLC.

AFCEA TechNet Augusta Solutions Abstract
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Aug 2021
With assistance from the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and industry experts, TechNet Augusta 2021 is designed to open the lines of communication and facilitate networking, education and problem solving. This Solutions Review Compendium complements the event and helps builds engagement in advance.

Cybersecurity Risk vs. Compliance: What is the Difference and Why It Matters
Provided By: SteelCloud   Send Email to POC   View Content   Aug 2021
Cybersecurity for computer networks and systems just keeps getting tougher every day. New attack vectors and threats occur by the hundreds on a daily basis. Protecting systems and data requires massive defensive vigilance and action on the part of CISOs, CTOs, CIOs and the personnel that work for them at multiple points in the value chain of serving up information systems services to a needy customer base. Cyber incursions are happening at scale, bad actors are behind them, and we have to eliminate or mitigate the risk. In government, compliance usually deals with a law ...

Why Small Businesses Need Easy, Simple, Effective, and Accessible DNS Protection.
Provided By: Mission Cyber   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jul 2021
Small businesses are beginning to feel the pressure of CMMC compliance. After numerous webinars and roundtable discussions on strategy and what-ifs, it's time to discuss tactics and how we get this done. Can the SMB DIB community help itself obtain compliance and strengthen cyber hygiene for its contractual government data, as well as protecting our own? Mission: Cyber believes it starts with a single CMMC control leveraging protective DNS.

On-Demand Webinar: Parsing The White House Executive Order
Provided By: Netskope   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jul 2021
The recent Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity details six key outcomes that the White House is trying to achieve. Join Netskope's Chief Evangelist, Bob Gilbert, in this on-demand session for a breakdown of the order, an overview of the driving factors behind the order's call to action, and a closer look at Netskope's approach to Zero Trust, its benefits, and how your agency can get started today.

You Rushed to the Cloud - Now It's Time to Assess and Address Cloud Security
Provided By: Unisys   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jun 2021
The pandemic prompted a rush to the cloud. Fast action was critical given the rapidly expanded work-from-home requirements and the need for touchless procurement, sales and service. Now the initial rush has passed, and the dust is settling down. It's time to assess and address the compliance, cybersecurity, data privacy and risk implications of your cloud deployment. Cloud security and compliance continue to be the biggest pain points for cloud customers. If you think it's too late for that, think again. It's never too late to do things right. Doing things right is mor ...

SpiderOak offers compliance with new cyber executive order
Provided By: SpiderOak   Send Email to POC   View Content   May 2021
President Bidens new cybersecurity requirements have been a ng time coming, and fit with trends we have observed and incorporated at SpiderOak. For example, the executive order will bring the government and its vendors closer to what is called zero trust, which refers both to the way computer systems are designed and how they are used. Previously, government agencies focused on malicious threats originating outside of their organizations, but were less rigorous in controlling and compartmentalizing data inside their perimeters. Hackers have exploited the vulnerability ...

Securing DoD Cloud Platforms by Breaking Silos
Provided By: Netskope   Send Email to POC   View Content   May 2021
As the Department of Defense migrates more mission-critical systems and software to cloud environments, it must also consider an innovative way for securing this new environment from potential cyber attack.

Cyber Hygiene Key to Protecting Networks
Provided By: Resecurity   Send Email to POC   View Content   May 2021
Recent cyberattacks against critical infrastructure, such as the May 2020 attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company, have put a spotlight on cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Identifying and combating cyber adversaries require both human intelligence and a deep technical expertise, according to Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity Inc. To combat such threats, companies and government agencies need accurate intelligence, and that intelligence is as important as is information sharing between organizations. Learn more in this executive video.