Intelligence Committee

The Intelligence Committee provides an active focal point within AFCEA for encouraging the exchange of ideas and coordinating AFCEA’s intelligence-related activities.

The AFCEA Intelligence Committee is a volunteer group of public and private sector intelligence professionals who oversee AFCEA's intelligence outreach and help build bridges between the government and industry. 


What the Committee Does 

The Intelligence Committee strengthens AFCEA Intelligence’s role as the association’s principal intelligence advocate and resource, making available its understanding of intelligence to  AFCEA's membership worldwide and making the interests and capabilities of AFCEA’s individual and corporate members available to the intelligence community. The committee:

  • Supports AFCEA and its membership by preparing, reviewing, approving and/or making recommendations for intelligence symposia and intelligence-related course material for use in association offerings, from the AFCEA professional development program to projects and white papers. 
  • Conducts classified and unclassified intelligence symposia. 
  • Promotes AFCEA membership and support within the intelligence community. 
  • Supports SIGNALMedia by encouraging contributions and offering ideas for intelligence-related articles and interviews. 
  • Recognizes intelligence professionals through an annual award program. 

Committee Membership Details 

  • Charter  
  • Membership List  
  • Membership Criteria. Suitability for membership, both private and public sectors, shall be based on five criteria: 
    1. U.S.citizenship 
    2. Availability to participate in committee activities
    3. Working knowledge of intelligence community procedures, organizations, requirements, operations and research and development goals, as evidenced by relevant experience within, in support of, or as a customer of the community 
    4. Current AFCEA membership (not required for public sector members, but desirable) 
    5. Appropriate security clearance and accesses (TS/SI/TK)


Applications are accepted from June 1 through July 31 annually.

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Emerging Professionals in the Intelligence Community (EPIC) Committee 

The committee, comprised of IC professionals younger than age 40 from the public and private sectors, enhances AFCEA’s outreach and education to the IC. The committee is an extension of the longstanding and highly regarded AFCEA Intelligence Committee.


Additional Resources 

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