Technology Committee

The AFCEA Technology Committee (Committee) is a standing committee of AFCEA International, chartered by and responsible to the Board of Directors of AFCEA International.

Purpose and Mission

  • Enhance AFCEA’s outreach to the technology communities.
  • Provide outreach related to existing, innovative, and emerging technology in support of solving enterprise and organizational mission challenges.
  • Cultivate partnerships for information exchange amongst government, industry, and academia.
  • Provide an unbiased collaborative platform to investigate innovative technology solutions to challenges facing global government, academia, and industry.
  • (2) participating, as requested, in awards and recognition activities associated with AFCEA events.


The Committee provides an active ethical forum within AFCEA for the exchange of ideas, support of AFCEA’s activities and events, and for expertise and outreach to AFCEA stakeholders.

Specific Committee objectives are to:

  • Actively facilitate networking, outreach and collaboration among government, industry, and academic organizations to identify, analyze, and develop potential solutions using advanced technology to solve related management challenges, citizen services and missions.
  • Farsighted outlook to sponsor Innovative Technologies and promote discussion forums, symposiums, conferences, and seminars in support of government agency/industry/scientific collaboration that will inform technology solutions and implementations
  • Consistent with AFCEA International strategies and guidelines, recommend and/or provide technology and related management solutions and approaches that benefit and integrate with all AFCEA components, e.g., chapters, International committees, events, etc.
  • Engage in identifying Emerging Technologies  to advice and provide input for AFCEA's journal, SIGNAL, and AFCEA web services and social media resources as well as external social media resources
  • Attune to AFCEA’s mission to sponsor initiatives and promote its membership and support within technology management related communities, including government, industry, academic and non-profit.
  • Incorporate market trends in the Technology sector to  support and advice AFCEA chapters as requested, including assistance with speakers, technology, networking, and program development
  • Manage AFCEA International’s annual technology awards and awards related programs. This includes: (1) defining/updating award categories, reviewing all nominations received by AFCEA International, and selecting winners for the annual AFCEA Technology Awards, and

Committee Membership Details 

Membership Criteria and Elections/Appointments

Membership on the Committee is based on three criteria:

  1. Relevant experience within the technology and information management related communities
  2. Availability and commitment to participate in the activities of the Committee
  3. Current AFCEA membership (not required for government liaisons, but desirable)


Applications are accepted June through August annually. 

Additional Resources

  • Technology Vectors—An annual presentation on current technology trends provided by the AFCEA International Technology Committee. Provides insights and expertise in emerging technology topics most relevant to federal technology leaders. 
  • Technical Awards—This annual award program recognizes the technical and engineering accomplishments of committee members.  
  • Corporate Directory—Search AFCEA corporate members who support technology-related products, projects and initiatives.   
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