Technology Committee

The AFCEA Technology Committee enhances AFCEA's outreach to the information technology (IT) communities. The committee cultivates partnerships and focuses on solutions for the IT and related management problems in support of government, military, industry and nonprofit sector leaders worldwide. 

Benefits of Technology Committee membership include interaction with other technology leaders, networking with a broad and diverse spectrum of government, industry, academic and scientific experts, and reach back into industry and academic resources, capabilities and thought leadership. 

What the Committee Does 

  • Facilitates networking, outreach and collaboration opportunities between and among government, industry, academic and nonprofit organizations to identify and analyze information technology and management needs in coordination with one another and discuss potential solutions. 
  • Sponsors and promotes discussion forums and seminars in support of government agency/industry/scientific technology solutions and their adaptation. 
  • Recommends and/or provides IT and related information management solutions and approaches that benefit and integrate with all AFCEA components—from chapters to international committees and events. 
  • Sponsors projects to promote AFCEA membership.
  • Supports the IT and information management-related communities, including government, industry, academic and nonprofit. 
  • Provides advice to and input for SIGNAL Media and AFCEA web services and social media resources. 
  • Provides support and advice to AFCEA chapters, including assistance with speakers, technology, networking and program development. 
  • Manages AFCEA International’s annual technology awards program. This includes defining and selecting award categories, reviewing all nominations and selecting winners. 

Committee Membership Details 

Membership Criteria—To be considered for membership, an applicant must: 

  • Be directly involved with work and/or knowledge in IT technologies, policies, oversight and acquisition processes, operations, systems, applications, products and services and/or research as applied to providing management and IT solutions to government and/or private/nonprofit sector organizations. 
  • Be a member of AFCEA International. (Note: An applicant need not be an AFCEA member to apply for membership, however, if selected, must become a member of AFCEA International either on an individual basis ($50 per year) or through a corporate or nonprofit organization membership.) 
  • Candidates are selected based on personal qualifications and not because of company or organizational affiliation, although the committee does seek to achieve an appropriate balance of organizational representation.
  • Once selected for committee membership, an individual holds a personal seat and not a company seat. Candidates are assessed on their current and/or past involvement in the IT community and their interest in being a strong contributor to the AFCEA International Technology Committee.
  • Members are expected to contribute to committee activities and initiatives. The level of participation will be evaluated on a regular basis, and nonparticipating members may be asked to relinquish their seats if they are no longer able/willing to serve.


Applications are accepted June through August annually. 

Additional Resources

  • Technology Vectors—An annual presentation on current technology trends provided by the AFCEA International Technology Committee. Provides insights and expertise in emerging technology topics most relevant to federal technology leaders. 
  • Technical Awards—This annual award program recognizes the technical and engineering accomplishments of committee members.  
  • Corporate Directory—Search AFCEA corporate members who support technology-related products, projects and initiatives.   
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