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Key Cyber Issues and Recommendations: A Way Forward
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Given the breakneck speed of technological change, challenges associated with developing/issuing national policy and concomitant adversary capabilities, government often finds itself behind the curve with respect to coordinated
cybersecurity readiness and response. The sheer size and number of agencies with their various systems, missions and legal mandates make it difficult to know how major cyber threats should be addressed and cyber events can be mitigated. Decisions on response actions are delayed or rejected due to lack of understanding on the consequences of th ...

Recommended Context and Framework for a National Cyber Information Sharing Initiative
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There has been increased public dialogue recently regarding the importance, potential benefits and urgency of sharing cyber-related information. The inference from much of the dialogue is
that information sharing is viewed as a primary means to improve the nation's cybersecurity posture. AFCEA's Cyber Committee has been evaluating the topic of information sharing. This paper provides additional recommendations for establishing the
standards and implementation of an effective National Information Sharing Infrastructure.

Public/Private Information Sharing
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This white paper captures some areas of great interest to the cyber community as represented by our sample of interviewees. There is no shortage of practical and achievable process improvement ideas. The overarching theme is that, with the correct and timely level of cooperation between the public and private sector, we can improve our response to cyber attacks and begin to better understand how the adversaries are attempting to position themselves in the ever-changing world of cyberspace.

Recommended Implementation Strategies for a National Cyber Information Sharing Initiative
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The AFCEA Cyber Committee has continued to evaluate the appropriate strategies for improving our nation's approaches to information sharing. In the fall of 2014, the committee developed a set of recommendations and provided them to the White House team evaluating this topic. More recently, the committee provided recommendations regarding the appropriate context and framework for developing a national cyber information sharing infrastructure. This paper addresses recommendations for implementation strategies that should be pursued in implementing the provisions of the ex ...

Driving Cybersecurity Awareness Home!
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In the cyber environment, some realities defy dispute. First, the cybersecurity challenge is pervasive and growing with an ever-evolving range of threats. Second, no one wants to be a victim of cyber crime or a cyber attack, but many people, businesses, and organizations simply do not know how to dissuade cyber intruders.

The Security Implications of the Internet of Things
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The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises creative products that connect healthcare, home energy consumption, mass transit, insurance, and almost every economic sector. With these new devices, we have infinitely more opportunities, yet little consideration is being paid to the cyber security of this phenomenon. Once consumers introduce the IoT into their lives, machine-to-machine interactions begin on their behalf. Assumptions about privacy and protections need to be considered now, before the massive rollout. The implications of the IoT are significant, and nothing short ...