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Packet Capture is a Foundational Technology for Cybersecurity
Provided By: Endace   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jan 2023
As distributed applications and cloud services have become commonplace, the increased complexity in network and application architectures has made it challenging for teams to ensure the reliability, performance, and security of enterprise networks. These complex environments open more attack vectors for exploitation while making it difficult or impossible for security teams to quickly determine what has happened in the event of a security incident. This has led to the need for organizations to capture complete information about network activity and provide it to securit ...

The Cyber Edge January 2023
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jan 2023
U.S. Cyber Command officials anticipate-and are prepared to counter-multiple arguments against its proposal to create a dedicated cyber intelligence center to provide intelligence on international cyber forces. The arguments presented by Air Force Brig. Gen. Matteo Martemucci, Cyber Command's director of intelligence, include the fact that other organizations already provide elements of cyber intelligence, the possibility a new center could pull resources and talent from existing organizations and the idea that the cyber domain is not yet mature enough to warrant such a ...

Unlocking the Power of Unstructured Data
Provided By: MarkLogic   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jan 2023
Governments, industries and individuals alike all report feeling overwhelmed by the rising tide of data. How big is the challenge? One research firm estimated that the volume of data/information "created, captured, copied and consumed worldwide" would reach 97 zettabytes in 2022 (one zettabyte is the equivalent of 1 billion terabytes)-and the figure is projected to almost double, to 180 zettabytes, by 2025. Compounding the problem, most of that growth will be of unstructured data, so-called because it doesn't adhere to structured data models.

Enabling Operations With Cross-Domain Transfer and Access
Provided By: Garrison   Send Email to POC   View Content   Dec 2022
The driving need for collecting volumes of data in real time to support military and humanitarian operations in rapidly shifting environments is pushing analysts, service members and their organizations to find faster and more efficient ways to access data and to share it securely across classification levels. This also calls for pulling open source intelligence data from social media, traditional media streams and public websites.

Access to Classified Networks from Anywhere, at Any Time, with Any Connectivity
Provided By: Dell   Send Email to POC   View Content   Dec 2022
Deliver transformational efficiency and zero vulnerability security for warfighters, federal employees and contractors working at forward locations or from home. Get access to classified networks through any standard internet connection with a solution that is certified, deployed, and ships directly from the Dell Technologies for rapid global scalability. Read more about INTEGRITY Global Security's Secured with INTEGRITY CSfC (SwIC) End User Device and Gateway solutions.

Zero Trust for DevSecOps
Provided By: Appgate   Send Email to POC   View Content   Dec 2022
Provide secure, dynamic and direct access to multiple cloud accounts while improving speed and productivity of developer teams. Developer teams need to work across multiple cloud accounts without restrictions or delay at a cadence and workflow that allows for maximum productivity. Security teams need to ensure they don't impede the speed of work and innovation while consistently securing access to workloads in development, testing and production environments. They need to avoid imposing massive delays on development teams waiting for permissions to do their jobs. What's ...

The Cyber Edge July 2022
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Nov 2022
In the two years since the Army Software Factory launched, it has sent multiple applications into production. And those apps are being developed in large part by soldiers in nontechnical career paths, including combat engineers, medics and maintenance.

The Cyber Edge April 2022
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Nov 2022
The battle for cyberspace may hinge on outer space as experts expand the digital frontier. The leading U.S. military communications organization is working with partners in NATO to exploit and dominate space communication systems with an eye to hurling defense systems into an advanced technology future.

Access to Classified Networks From Anywhere, at Any Time, and With Any Connectivity
Provided By: Dell   Send Email to POC   View Content   Nov 2022
Warfighters, national intelligence professionals, and forward-based contractors all need the same thing in today's challenging environment: Access to classified networks and data whenever they need it, wherever they are, and with whatever connectivity is available. Discover a CSfC solution built on a zero vulnerability architecture. Zero vulnerability means the foundation is secure, and that the user has the same level of protection in their access device that is present in military-grade and other communication gear.

The Cyber Edge October 2022
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Oct 2022
"If you're designing an unmanned device, like a UAV, you need to ensure that the system can operate without the adversary taking it over and using it against you," said Steve Pitcher, a senior cyber survivability analyst at the Department of Defense (DoD).

Quantum Computing and Its Impact on Cybersecurity
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Oct 2022
AFCEA International's Homeland Security Committee presents this white paper that offers cautionary alerts on the emerging quantum computing technology, with its ability to solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of the traditional computers. While the quantum research community applauds the accelerated rate at which quantum computers are being developed, the technology is also a threat, considering it can unravel the algorithms behind the encryption keys that protect the assets we hold most dear.

Managing Open Source Data in Cross-Domain Environments
Provided By: Garrison   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2022
OSINT's ubiquity and advantages for timely analysis of quickly shifting situations has prompted the tech industry to launch cloud-based data-as-a-service platforms fusing open-source data from the public Internet and curating it with machine learning tools. The Department of Defense is taking advantage of these capabilities through the U.S. Army Cyber Command's partnership with the innovation hub, the Cyber Fusion Innovation Center, which issued a request for information that calls for industry input into the capabilities that data- as-a-service can offer.

Aligning Marketing, Business Development, Capture and Proposals for Must-Win Federal Contracts
Provided By: Boscobel Marketing Communications   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2022
Positioning a government contracting organization for contract wins can start years ahead of actual solicitations. And in today's ultra-competitive business-to government (B2G) marketplace, it takes the collaborative effort of business development (BD), capture management, proposal team and marketing/public relations (PR) to be a winner among government contractors battling for federal contracts. This white paper explores how effective four-way collaboration can make a winning difference in federal contracting. It provides the essential roadmap for capture management su ...

DISA's Contracts Guide 2023
Provided By: DISA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2022
Review the Defense Information Systems Agency's top acquisition priorities for FY 2023.

Telemetry Technology Advances, Yields Real-Time Aircraft Diagnostics
Provided By: Nokia   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2022
As the world becomes more and more reliant on wireless technologies, one of the great technological challenges is finding ways to make more efficient use >of the radio frequency spectrum. One glance at the U.S. Frequency Allocation Chart prepared by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration demonstrates the scope of the problem-there are about 30 classes of usage jockeying for hundreds of slices of the airwaves, and the volume of users in each class is growing by leaps and bounds.

Taking 911 Services to the Next Level
Provided By: Avaya Government Solutions   Send Email to POC   View Content   Sep 2022
Residents throughout the United States and Canada rely on 911 services in the case of an emergency. Just as digital progress has changed people's lives over the past 30 years, it is time for 911 to undergo its own digital transformation. This revolution will have profound positive effects on the ability of first responders to help callers. The effects could be most beneficial for military bases within the United States.

Optimizing the DoD Information Environment
Provided By: Bluescape   Send Email to POC   View Content   Aug 2022
The DoD is facing some of the most daunting global issues in its history. From understanding cybersecurity threats to protecting the nation from unrelenting adversaries, there is an urgent need to prioritize responsiveness and agility by organizing and visualizing information at the speed of relevance. Put simply, DoD has a Place Problem-the lack of a persistent, secure, virtual place to meet and achieve mission outcomes and overall effectiveness.

Putting Trust in Zero Trust
Provided By: Trend Micro   Send Email to POC   View Content   Aug 2022
The rising number and sophistication of cyber attacks against public and private sector organizations calls for a more comprehensive approach to organizational cybersecurity to supplement traditional firewalls and passwords.

The Risks of BYOD and Using Virtualization to Eliminate Risk and Preserve Privacy
Provided By: Hypori   Send Email to POC   View Content   Aug 2022
Secure, remote access to enterprise apps and data from the edge is the key to connectivity, increased productivity, and economic sustainability in today's remote work environment but heavy reliance on mobile devices with their inherent security risks creates vulnerabilities for both enterprises and end-user privacy. We must reconsider how we access and engage data from the edge and use virtualization to eliminate the risks associated with BYOD and to preserve end-user privacy.

Achieve Zero Vulnerability with Proven Appliance-Based Security
Provided By: Dell   Send Email to POC   View Content   Aug 2022
Today's DoD and IC technology teams are faced with a perilous balancing act. On one side are bad actors trying to break through network security to wreak havoc on systems and steal critical and sensitive data - or worse. On the other side is a growing remote or hybrid workforce that increasingly requires seamless, secure access to classified networks and assets from points located outside of the traditional physical security perimeter. The reality is that breaches don't have to be inevitable. To create a truly secure environment, cybersecurity needs to start at the begi ...

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