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OSINT Technologies: Safe Online Data Collection
Provided By: Ntrepid Corp   Send Email to POC   View Content   May 2022
OSINT mediums are ever-changing, and therefore, collecting this information is both an art and a science. Finding the most effective and secure OSINT technologies have a lasting impact on investigations. Conveying the sentiment coined by William Gibson, the street finds its own uses for things, OSINT technologies must change even faster than the mediums that contain it. Investigators require technology with a predictive development cycle, one that allows them to outrun adversaries to their next playing field. Smart security involves using the right OSINT technology and ...

10 Ways to Win with GovCon Reporters at Trade Shows
Provided By: Boscobel Marketing Communications   Send Email to POC   View Content   May 2022
It is important for government contractors to work with reporters to bring awareness to their company, brand and solutions. Understanding what works best for reporters to develop a story facilitates collaboration and trust. Trade shows present a great opportunity for companies to connect with reporters. Here are 10 best practices to ensure that you create these vital relationships.

The Danger of Cognitive Stress on Tactical Cyber Operations
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2022
Cybersecurity professionals, especially on-net defenders, experience striking similarities to stress-inducing factors as do first responders. While discussions at cybersecurity conferences dating to 2018 noted a significant rise in burnout, depression and suicide in the community, no official studies exist to date. This white paper, written by members of AFCEA International's Cyber Committee, seeks to educate readers on contributing factors of the current cultures, the potential role of "gamification" to impact behaviors and recommendations to address the issue.

Uplevel to a Virtual Workspace
Provided By: Bluescape   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
Uplevel to a secure virtual workspace to support Federal workforce reentry. In today's work environment, dispersed teams often struggle to collaborate, brainstorm and communicate efficiently. Download this infographic to learn five ways online whiteboards support hybrid work modernization.

Embracing Zero Trust: A Guide for Agencies to Address the Cybersecurity Executive Order
Provided By: Lookout   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
The Cybersecurity Executive Order has agencies committed to taking a more proactive stance against the rapidly intensifying surge of phishing and ransomware attacks against our nation. The Lookout security experts have put together this eBook to help guide you through your Zero Trust journey. Some of the valuable insights and resources. To help accelerate the adoption of Zero Trust and Threat Intelligence strategies, it's important to first understand how to protect data from endpoint to cloud. Discover how a comprehensive Zero Trust strategy can make security an enabler.

Supply Chain Cybersecurity
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
Supply Chain Cybersecurity includes a complex of everyday operating issues affected by a network of known and unknown connections, services and components. In this white paper, the AFCEA Homeland Security Committee provides a strategic overview of the supply chain cyber issues from the perspective of vendor operational security.

10 Ways Snowflake Enables Decision Dominance for JADC2
Provided By: Snowflake   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
As military technological advances from top adversaries have significantly increased over the years, the United States Department of Defense (DOD) has had to reevaluate its strategy toward military operations and the development of capabilities to enable a truly joint force. Read this white paper to learn how Snowflake's multi-cloud, multi-cluster, shared data architecture provides the scale, performance, elasticity, and concurrency today's military requires for multi-domain operations.

2021 ICS Cybersecurity Year in Review - Executive Summary
Provided By: Dragos   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
Get a high-level overview of the 2021 Year in Review findings, showcasing key stories and results specific to the ICS/OT threat landscape and industrial cybersecurity maturity.

White Paper: Overcoming the Challenges of Testing in Secure Environments
Provided By: Keysight Technologies   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
Sensitive systems present unique challenges for testing teams. Read this guide to learn how to identify and overcome obstacles to embracing test automation. You'll also learn how to use non-invasive automation to unearth hidden problems lurking in your most critical systems.

Zero Trust for Kubernetes
Provided By: Appgate   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
Appgate Zero Trust for Kubernetes (K8s) provides dynamic secure access for cloud-native workloads. With K8s as a driving force for DevOps and DevSecOps and cloud-native workloads, it's imperative that security evolves to support these new microservice architectures. Appgate SDP unifies user-to-service and service-to-service access for all traditional and cloud-native workloads into a single policy model that accelerates digital transformation and provides least privileged access. With a comprehensive ZTNA solution, you can use a unified policy model that manages secure ...

Understanding Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 Compliance
Provided By: Deltek   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
A Government Contractor's Guide to Preparation and Assessment Basics.

The Cyber Edge January 2022
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
Last year's evacuation of civilians from Afghanistan was a massive undertaking with multiple challenges and successes. ­e withdrawal required enormous amounts of data, which also presented some obstacles, but ultimately proved successful and offered lessons learned for future operations, according to U.S. Defense Department officials.

Dragos 2021 ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review
Provided By: Dragos   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
Dragos's annual ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review provides an overview and analysis of ICS vulnerabilities, global threat activity targeting industrial environments, and industry trends and observations gathered from customer engagements worldwide. Our goal is to give asset owners and operators proactive, actionable information and defensive recommendations in order to prepare for and combat the world's most significant industrial cybersecurity adversaries.

The Application of AI & Machine Learning to OSINT
Provided By: Fivecast   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2022
The art of collecting, analyzing and making decisions from open-source data for intel purposes is known as OSINT, or open-source intelligence. As the volume of open-source data available online grows exponentially in line with increased threats to communities, AI and machine learning can hold the keys to uncovering essential insights that progress investigations in a timely manner. In this paper, Fivecast, a leader in delivering OSINT solutions globally, outlines how the latest AI and machine learning technology can be applied to OSINT while avoiding creating biases or ...

Securing the Government Hybrid Enterprise
Provided By: Appgate   Send Email to POC   View Content   Feb 2022
Has your agency shifted from a fixed to a nebulous ecosystem of people, devices and systems? Luckily, we have the network security solution answer that can fully protect your government hybrid enterprise.

Cyber in Operational Technology: The Talent Gap
Provided By: Deloitte   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jan 2022
Information technology and operational technology systems often interoperate with each other but require different cybersecurity approaches.

Implementing Zero Trust Architecture and Comply-to-Connect Best Practices
Provided By: Aruba   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jan 2022
This document provides the details of how Aruba networking solutions support the NIST Zero Trust security framework and the US Department of Defense Comply-to-Connect standard.

Use a Matrix Switch to Launch Mission-Critical Solutions with Confidence
Provided By: NETSCOUT   Send Email to POC   View Content   Jan 2022
Provide ultra-secure connectivity for mission critical military applications. Applications that require a high level of security and guaranteed delivery are best served by a matrix switch. Many types of applications, from video distribution systems for command and control to large-scale cyber test ranges, require secure, high-performance connectivity that a traditional networking infrastructure cannot provide. Learn more about three use cases for NETSCOUT's matrix switches and management software.

Technology Brief: Meeting the US Presidential Executive Order for Zero Trust
Provided By: archTIS   Send Email to POC   View Content   Dec 2021
The new U.S. Presidential Cybersecurity Executive Order for Zero Trust requires US Federal agencies to transition to a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). These new ZTA recommendations still do not effectively address the data security challenges. In this new Technology Brief we discuss the ramifications of this executive order and how to extend zero trust to the data itself. Read the Technology Brief to learn: How traditional zero trust architecture addresses network and application security, not the data that sits behind them. How this zero trust 'blindspot' leaves agencie ...

Jumpstarting Rural Broadband Initiatives
Provided By: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content   Dec 2021
High-speed Internet access is critical to economic opportunity, job creation, education and civic engagement. All Americans, whether living and working in cities or the nation's rural areas, need reliable and ready access. This white paper, prepared by members of AFCEA's Cyber Committee, reviews some of the major government programs to improve nationwide availability of broadband and offers suggestions for how and why the private sector should participate. It also investigates the security and national competitive implications of the lack of reliable broadband Internet ...


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