January 2019   
  New Year Day    
   January 2019 Monthly Officer's Meeting (AFCEA Hawaii, Officers, Monthly Meeting)   
 Chapter 158 Exec mtg     
 Chapter 158 Monthly Luncheon     
  AFCEA Chapter 158 Exec Board Meeting    
  AFCEA January PD Luncheon - B.Gen Patrice Sabourin, DGIMO and (DGIMO Joint Force Cyber Command)    
  AFCEA NOVA Small Business Breakfast    
  Chapter Monthly Luncheon    
  January 2019 Monthly Luncheon (AFCEA Hawaii, monthly luncheons, luncheons, monthly awards, awards)    
  January 8th 2019 AFCEA OKC Chapter Luncheon    
  Technology Over Bagels with NetApp    
   YAC Social: Bring in the New Year!   
    AFCEA Tidewater Chapter BOD Meeting  
    BT Hosted Event  
    January 2019 BOD Meeting  
     AFCEA Portugal New Year's Dinner 
  Cyber Education, Research, and Training Symposium (CERTS) (Cyber, Workforce Development, Education, Research, Training)  
  Alamo AFCEA Monthly Luncheon    
  Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Luncheon (State of BES)    
  Officer Meeting    
   DOD 101- "Pentagon Tour"   
   Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter Monthly EXCOM Meeting   
   Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter Monthly Luncheon   
   eGovernment Cloud (Security, eGOV)   
    AFCEA Bethesda January Breakfast  
    AFCEA-LA Chapter luncheon  
    AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Workshop (AI, Machine Learning, Big Data)  
    Dayton Wright Chapter Monthly Luncheon (Cyber Operations)  
    KMC AFCEA (Chapter 158) Monthly Luncheon  
    Small Business Networking Event  
    Young AFCEA January Leadership Breakfast  
 Martin Luther King Jr. Day     
  Small Business Procurement Series: OASIS Pool 3 and 4 (Small Business, Procurement, Networking)    
  Health IT Special Interest Group (SIG) Membership Meeting    
   AFCEA Belvoir January Luncheon with Mr. Gregory L. Garcia, Deputy CIO/G-6   
   Monthly Chapter Luncheon (meeting, smart tech, )   
    AFCEA CMD Monthly Member Luncheon - January  
    AFCEA DC January Luncheon - DISA   
    AFCEA-GOC January 2019 Luncheon  
    Cyber Security Summit Silicon Valley 2019 (cybersecurity, critical infrastrucure, )  
    Luncheon with Will Bush  
     AFCEA Mittagsforum 
  11th Annual Health IT Summit   
  Cisco Technology Day (Cisco)    
  Officer Meeting    
   FirstNet - The nationwide first responders network (Communications)   
   WetWare Wednesday   
    AFCEA Aberdeen Rescheduled Forum - ft. MG Bassett and MG Gallagher (PEO C3T, CFT)  
    Cyber and the Hill   
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