March 2015   
 Leadership Forum     
  AFCEA Okinawa January 2015 GMM Luncheon    
  March 3 PD Luncheon (Cyber Support to CJOC / CAF Operations)    
  Monthly Executive Board Meeting    
  New Horizons 2015   
  PD Luncheon (Cyber, CAF Operations)    
  Thesis presentations by graduate students (electrical engineering, computer engineering, cybe security, cyber warfare engineering)    
   AFCEA Alaska Monthly Luncheon   
   Gold Circle Breakfast   
   Young AFCEA Bethesda's Winter IT Luncheon   
    STEM Grant Presentation  
     Business Meeting 
     Software Defined Networking and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Software Defined Networking and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)) 
      INCOSE Systems Engineering Certification Practice Exam Preparation Workshop (Systems Engineering Professional Certification)
  Homeland Security 2015   
  Small Business Symposium at the AFCEA Homeland Security Conference    
  AFCEA Hampton Roads Monthly Luncheon     
  AFCEA Hawaii March 2015 Luncheon Event    
  AFCEA Philadelphia Chapter Dover AFB Luncheon (Cyber Security)    
  March Luncheon    
  OKC March AFCEA General Meeting     
  Pre-graduation Awards Ceremony    
  Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities    
   AFCEA Aberdeen March Luncheon (COE, Common Operating Environment, APG, Aberdeen)   
   AFCEA Philadelphia Chapter JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Breakfast (Cyber Security)   
   WIIG in a Minute   
    AFCEA Atlanta BOD Meeting (AFCEA, Atlanta, BOD, Directors)  
    AFCEA North Carolina March Luncheon  
    Chapter Board of Directors Meeting  
    Intelligence-led policing (ILP, information, police)  
    March Board Meeting  
    Monthly AFCEA Chapter 158 Luncheon  
    NorCal Chapter Meeting--Election Results (Luncheon)  
    Premier 2015 Networking Event   
    TechJunction Tucson 2015  
     AFCEA Hawaii 2015 Winter Social 
 NGA Industry Day 2015     
 AFCEA DC Monthly Luncheon: Air Force     
  Alamo AFCEA March Monthly Lunch    
  ArkLaTex AFCEA Chapter Luncheon    
  monthly evening lecture (Cyber Security)    
   A Research Conversation   
   Hawaii Young AFCEAN March Leadership Panel Session (Leadership, young AFCEAN, Sweeney, USMC, MARFORPAC, G-6)   
   March Luncheon   
    AFCEA Belvoir Small Business Networking Event  
    AFCEA DC Young AFCEAN meeting  
    AFCEA Los Angeles monthly luncheon  
    AFCEA Pelican Chapter March Luncheon  
    AFCEA Quantico-Potomac Monthly Luncheon (USMC, HQMC, MCNOSC, C4)  
    AFCEA Quantico-Potomac Young AFCEAN Mixer (USMC, Young AFCEANs, Mixer, Happy Hour, )  
    AFCEA-Forum CeBIT 2015  
    AFCEA-Forum CeBIT 2015  
    Bay Chapter Officer Meeting  
    Dayton-Wright March Monthly Luncheon  
    March Luncheon (Small_Business, Legacy_Financial)  
    Monthly Member Luncheon  
    Spring Seminar Series Event - DoD 101  
     AFCEA NOVA Monthly Luncheon 
      AFCEA Bethesda's A Night for the Children
 BT - Innovation & Cyber     
   KMC AFCEA - Business 2 Breakfast Mentorship Event (Mentorship/Cyber/Intel/IT Professionals)    
  AFCEA Bethesda's March Breakfast     
  Lunch & Learn (Cyber, IT, Information Assurance, Security)    
   AFCEA Breakfast   
   Belvoir March Luncheon   
   Hill AFB Information Technology Products and Services Expo   
   Quarterly Lunch and Learn   
    Alamo AFCEA Lunch and Learn  
    GOC March Luncheon (luncheon)  
    March Luncheon  
    March Luncheon  
    Monthly Luncheon (Cyber)  
    Navy PEO EIS Innovation Cell Industry Day  
    Smart Cities: Sicurezza e Protezione nelle Cittą Intelligenti (Smat Cities, Security, Protection)  
     Atlanta Chapter March Luncheon 
      Young AFCEA Hawaii March Social Mixer (social, young afcea)
  March 2015 General Membership Meeting (Strategic Initiatives, Government, Industry, Information, Collaboration)    
  Security Operation Centers    
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