May 2015   
     2015 Spring Golf Revival Tournament 
     AFCEA NOVA Monthly Luncheon 
     AFCEA Stuttgart STEM Scholarship Presentation Due Date 
     Swingin' for Scholarships (golf charity fundraiser STEM scholarship grant high school teacher) 
  AFCEA Bethesda's Monthly Breakfast    
  Monthly Executive Board Meeting    
  PD Luncheon    
  Power Breakfast    
  NITEC '15- NCI Agency Industry Conference & AFCEA TechNet International 2015  
   AFCEA Palmetto Chapter Spring Luncheon (Cyber, Communications, Mission Assurance, Mobile Capabilities and the Career Fields)   
    AFCEA - Palmetto Chapter 2015 Scholarship Golf Tournament  
    AFCEA Execuitve Roundtable  
    AFCEA Okinawa January 2015 GMM Luncheon  
    AFCEA Pelican Chapter Monthly ExCom Meeting  
    AFCEA Stuttgart STEM Scholarship Project Presentations  
    Annual Awards Night  
    Bonn Tech Expo (Tech Expo, Bonn, Eifel, KMC)  
    Cyber Dependent Systems and Infrastructure Resiliency Workshop  
    KMC YAFCEA visit w/ Bonn Tech Expo   
     Spring Golf Outing, AM & PM starts 
      Young AFCEAN Fishing
Mother's Day (US)      
  AFCEA Bethesda's 8th Annual Government-wide Initiatives Excellence Awards    
  AFCEA Hawaii May 2015 Luncheon Event (information technology)    
  May Business Meeting    
  Oklahoma City Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) luncheon    
   Central VA Monthly Luncheon (big data)   
   Chapter Meeting   
   Executive Round Table   
   SV AFCEA Presents: Chinese Threats to the Internet - It's Not Just Hacking (Chinese, Hacking, Cyber, Cyberspace, Threats, Internet)   
    14th Annual Naval IT Day  
    AFCEA Atlanta BOD Meeting (AFCEA, Atlanta, BOD, Directors)  
    AFCEA Pelican Chapter May Luncheon & Scholarship Presentation (Luncheon & Scholarship Presentation)  
    Monthly AFCEA Chapter 158 Luncheon  
    Monthly Member Luncheon  
    WIIG Book Club  
     AFCEA North Carolina May 2016 Luncheon (AFCEA North Carolina NEC Shaw) 
 Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Golf Tournament     
 President's Reception     
  2015 Joint Warfare Symposium - Excellence in Innovation (Joint Warfare, Cyber & innovation)   
  2015-2016 Officer Installation    
  Alamo AFCEA May Luncheon    
  ArkLaTex AFCEA Chapter Luncheon    
  Global Solutions Projects & Defence Exchange (SPADE) Conference (innovation, future capability)  
  IDET 2015 (Security, Defense, Crisis Management, Cyber security, Homeland Security)  
  May Chapter Luncheon    
  Montgomery Information Technology Summit (MITS)   
  Monthly Luncheon    
  Seminar Series 4    
   AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium   
   AFCEA/GMU Critical Issues in C4I  
   Bay Chapter Officer Meeting   
   Cyber Training for non-IT managers (Cyber, Security, Education, Trends)   
   JBER AFCEA Member & Sponsor Mixer   
   MITS Evening Social   
   May Luncheon (Scholarship, golf)   
   Cybersecurity Law Institute  
    6th Annual AFCEA Quantico-Potomac Golf Tournament (AFCEA, Quantico, STEM, Golf, USMC)  
    8th Annual JBER AFCEA IT Expo  
    AFCEA Stuttgart STEM Scholarship Award Presentation  
    Annual Memorial Golf Tournament (Golf)  
    Cybersecurity Forum - Security Challenges in the 3rd Platform (Cybersecurity, Cyberdefense, )  
    Dayton-Wright Monthly Luncheon  
    May 2015 Professional Development Luncheon  
    May Luncheon  
    Scary Cyber - Speed Dating (Cyber threats)  
     6th Annual AFCEA JAX Golf Classic (Golf) 
     Scholarship Awards Banquet (Rocky Mountain Chapter, Awards Banquet) 
 Annual Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner (GoLf)     
 Memorial Day     
  Lunch & Learn (Cyber, IT, Information Assurance, Security)    
   Building Next Generation, Full Spectrum Identity Operations Capacity for the Naval, Joint, National and Coalition Warfighter (Biometrics, Forensics, Sensitive Site Exploitation, Identity Intelligence)   
   Monthly Meeting   
   ProprietÓ Industriale: Asset Intangibile di Valore   
   SC Low Country AFCEA monthly luncheon (DoD forensics, Identity Intelligence)   
   Young AFCEAN May Leadership Breakfast Series   
    AFCEA Aberdeen Annual Education Awards Banquet  
    AFCEA Bethesda's Law Enforcement IT Day  
    AFCEA DC Spring Military IT Leadership Dinner  
    Chapter Luncheon Meeting and Speaker (Southern New England Job Market )  
    GOC May Luncheon (luncheon)  
    Visit to PT Innovation (Innovation, Communications)  
    Workshop ┐How to be Marketable in Todays Job Market┐ (Carrer Development)  
     Monthly Luncheon (Marine Corps and Military IT) 
     Patch High School Awards Ceremony 
     Young AFCEAN DISAPAC Visit (DISAPAC, Defense Information Services Agency Pacific Field Command) 
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