October 2021   
 Military metrology for the sea     
  Virtual Career Fair    
  Central Florida Chapter - October Luncheon    
  Cyber Security Luncheon    
  KMC Chapter Executive Meeting    
   Alamo AFCEA October New Member Happy Hour   
   Oct 6 : Gary Cooper SSC Procurement (Cyber procurement Canada SSC)   
    5G EcoSystem and Cybersecurity in civil and military contexts  
    AFCEA NOVA Naval IT Day  
    Cyber Security IX (Cyber, Security)  
    InfoVeranstaltung Young AFCEAN´s mit Bitkom  
    London Chapter Monthly Meeting (IoT, Cyber)  
    October Chapter Luncheon (Fellowship, Luncheon, GOC, AFCEA, Tech Expo)  
     AFCEA CMD Fall Golf 
  SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Elastic: Real-Time Situational Awareness: Moving from Concept to Mission    
  31st Annual STEM Classic Golf Tournament    
  Gemeinsame Veranstaltung AFCEA Bonn mit BA PersBw    
  October 2021 Virtual Presentation (AFCEA Hawaii Chapter, AFCEA, USMC, Marine Corps, COL Matthew Simmons, )    
  Technology over Bagels with Aronetics    
   Corporate Member Briefing - October 2021 (small business)   
   AFCEA Bethesda October Webinar    
   Emerging Leaders Social Sponsored by NISUS Technologies   
    SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Verizon: EIS and the DoD: Transition and Modernize With Ease  
    AFCEA Quantico-Potomac Scholarship Golf Tournament (golf)  
    October 2021 BOD Meeting  
    Protection of soft targets  
AFCEA CMD 5K and Fun Run Race for Excellence      
 Pre-Golf Social     
  SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Forcepoint: Achieving Zero Trust Zero Fail Defense Grade Security    
  Small Business Procurement Series: Services MAC and Polaris: Prepping, Teaming and Bidding (Small Business, Procurement, Acquisition)    
   SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PacStar: Reliable Multi-Cloud Access at the Tactical Edge   
   AFCEA CMD Monthly Luncheon - October   
   Space Industry Days (Industry Day)  
   Tech & Cyber Expos/Education Days  
    4th Quarter Luncheon  
    AFCEA 2021 Fall Golf Tournament  
    AFCEA CMD WIA-WIIG Fall Social Sponsored by Leidos  
    AFCEA DC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Luncheon  
    Alamo AFCEA Emerging Leaders: Mentor Protégé Night (cyber security, intelligence, information technology, mentor, mentorship)  
    Dayton-Wright AFCEA Oct 2021 Luncheon VIRTUAL  
    Dayton-Wright AFCEA October 2021 Luncheon VIRTUAL!!  
    London Chapter Virtual Meeting  
    Tidewater Integrated Cyber Symposium (TWICS) - Prelude #2  
     4th Quarter Golf Event 
     AFCEA South Florida TopGolf Tournament (Microsoft Meridian Partners Venatore Taylors Topgolf STEM Scholarship) 
     AFCEA South Florida TopGolf Tournament (Microsoft Meridian Partners Venatore Taylors Topgolf STEM Scholarship) 
     AFCEA Tidewater Chapter - Golf Tournament (AT&T and Deloitte) 
     Golf Tournament and Fundraiser 
 AFCEA Belvoir Industry Days Golf Tournament     
  Augusta Lunch & Learn    
  Cybersecurity for Smart Cities    
  Gemeinsame Veranstaltung AFCEA Bonn mit BDSV    
  REGISTRATION CLOSED: Director, DEVCOM C5ISR Center: Mr. Joe Welch    
   TechNet Cyber (cyber, defense, military, Joint, DoD, Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC, Homeland Security, Coast Guard)  
   TechNet Cyber AFCEA National, Regional and Local Emerging Leaders Social   
    EPIC Academic Outreach Series  
    AFCEA Zukunfts- und Technologie - Forum  
    Dayton-Wright AFCEA Member/Sponsor Appreciation Event & Membership Drive hosted by the Emerging Leaders   
    Ms. Kristen Baldwin, U.S. Air Force Deputy Assistant Secretary (Science, Technology, and Engineering)  
    USMC Cyber Security Panel (cyber security)  
     AFCEA NOVA October Luncheon 
     Central Florida Chapter 36th Annual STEM-Education-Programs Golf Fundraiser 
     Charity Golf Tournament 
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