Mr. Keith Herrington
Engineering Senior Scientist
CACI, Inc.
Industry Representative


Keith E. Herrington
Engineering Senior Scientist
CACI International Inc
Retired with almost 35 years of service with the Department of Defense, Keith Herrington joined CACI International Inc in April 2009 as an Engineering Senior Scientist. He is a recognized expert in the areas of knowledge management (KM), information management, content management, enterprise management and enterprise architecture (EA), and conducts preliminary and advanced design studies, and prepares and presents major portions of engineering proposals. Keith conceives of and develops solutions to complex analytical, design, and test problems and contributes to systems philosophy and design objectives. 
Since arriving at CACI Keith has established a reputation for innovative thinking, leadership and execution. He managed the creation of Division Group (DG) 58’s first Strategic Plan, as well as Business Plans for each of the DG58’s Divisions. He has been instrumental in developing DG58’s concept of and approach to offering KM as both a product (e.g., Panorama) and developed DG58’s approach to providing KM Consulting as a service.
Keith got his start in 1972 as a US Army Enlisted soldier. Since graduating from West Point in 1978 Keith’s career has encompassed a wide array of interests and skills, beginning as a Counterintelligence Special Agent with the 902d Military Intelligence Group, Fort Meade, Maryland and as a Counterespionage Special Agent with the Special Operations Detachment, US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). His career in CI and CE operations continued with assignments with INSCOM’s Foreign Counterintelligence Activity; US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, Kwajalein Atoll; and the Ballistic Missile Defense Command.
In 1997 Keith joined the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as a Senior Intelligence Officer, handling a variety of positions from strategic planning, analysis and production, and IT program management. In 2000 he established and chaired the Intelligence Community (IC) Metadata Working Group, publishing its first IC-wide standard within six months.
After 9/11, Keith helped lead a major expansion of the Defense Department’s (DoD) counterterrorism analysis capability by helping create DIA’s Joint Intelligence Task Force for Combating Terrorism (JITF-CT) to address a much larger, more pervasive terrorist threat. He designed and got funded a $42M, multi-year effort designed to completely reinvent how intelligence analysis and production was done in support of the combating terrorism mission. 
In 2002 Keith joined the Transportation Security Administration as its first Enterprise Architect. Soon thereafter he was assigned to help stand up the Department of Homeland Security, and became the first Chief Information Officer for its Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate.
In 2003 Keith returned to DIA working directly for the Chief of Staff as an action officer focused on helping transform the Agency into an integrated enterprise. He soon developed a reputation as one of IC's thought leaders in the areas of information sharing, Horizontal Integration (HI) and enterprise management. He was a key player in developing wide-ranging HI and information sharing initiatives across the IC—concepts that are still transforming how the IC shares and integrates information, information technology, and related business processes. Also in 2003 he helped develop the concept of Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM), an approach now recognized as essential to transforming and managing the Defense Intelligence Enterprise. 
In 2004 Keith was assigned by Director DIA to support the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee during its drafting of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. Keith authored key sections of this legislation, focused on information sharing and its impact on civil liberty and privacy issues (Sections 1016 and 1061 respectively). 
For many years Keith has been a key participant and thought leader in a wide variety of IC and DoD working groups, including: the IC’s Information Sharing Working Group; two Quadrennial IC Reviews; various Presidential Guideline Committees; Senior Level Interagency Advisory Groups; Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Groups; two DoD Biennial Reviews; the DoD Information Sharing Task Force; and the Geospatial Intelligence Board.
Due to his expertise, Keith has been a featured speaker at a variety of venues, to include: the Federal Chief Technology Officer Forum, the SecurEBiz Forum, the 2004 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, GovCon05 and member of the Horizontal Integration Panel during the NRO 2004 Field Representative Conference.
He is the recipient of the 2003 Enterprise Architect’s Award given by the Federal Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office; the DIA Director’s Award (1999 and 2009); and DoD's Meritorious Civilian Service Medal (2005 and 2006).
In 2008 Keith received the 2008 Lockheed Martin Enterprise Architect Honor Graduate Award, from the Information Resource Management College, National Defense University, and in 2010 Keith received his Knowledge Manager certification from the International Knowledge Management Institute.
Keith has been married to his wife Pamela for 30 years and they have two children, Kenneth who is a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with DIA, and Kathleen who is a graduate of Towson University in Maryland.