Dr. Stephen Huffman
Industry Representative

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Dr. Stephen Huffman is vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) of The MITRE Corporation. As CTO, Dr. Huffman is responsible for the direction of MITRE’s research and development program. MITRE’s research program explores emerging and enabling technologies and their application to critical national problems. Dr. Huffman develops MITRE’s corporate strategic technology plan and works across MITRE to ensure corporate-wide collaboration in the execution of the program.

Dr. Huffman joined MITRE in 1988 and has held a variety of positions in support of the corporation’s work for the Department of Defense (DoD). Most recently, he served as vice president of the Washington Command, Control, and Communications Center (WC3), where he was responsible for oversight of technical activities for a 1,200-person technical organization and more than 150 DoD projects. He also served as chief engineer of MITRE’s Enterprise Systems Engineering Office, which is focused on ensuring integration and solving complex technical and operational challenges across the DoD.

He was previously the chief engineer of WC3, where he was responsible for oversight of technical program quality, technical skill centers, and laboratory facilities. He has also served as technical director of MITRE’s Center for Innovative Computing and Informatics, associate technical director of the Navy Systems and Technology Division, and director of the Signal Processing Technical Center.

Before joining MITRE, Dr. Huffman was director of research and development at M/A-COM Linkabit in Vienna, Va., where he developed anti-jam and low-probability-of-intercept communications systems, error-correction coders, speech store-and-forward systems, satellite communications, and signals intelligence systems. From 1978 to 1983, Dr. Huffman was supervisor of the Signal Processing Section of the Center for Systems Engineering at the Research Triangle Institute (RTI). At RTI, he developed and evaluated algorithms for underwater acoustic signal processing, radar signal processing, radio navigation, atmospheric monitoring, and spread spectrum communications. Dr. Huffman has also served as an adjunct assistant professor of electrical engineering at Duke University, teaching communications theory and digital signal processing. He is an instructor for the Armed Forces Communications Engineering Association (AFCEA) course on Military Satellite Communications.
Dr. Huffman is an expert in communications theory, error-correction coding, communications networking, Internet protocols, satellite communications, anti-jam and low-probability-of-intercept communications, spread spectrum, digital signal processing, detection and estimation theory, modeling and simulation, large-scale software development processes, and the design and analysis of hardware and software systems.

Dr. Huffman received his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from Duke University and is a graduate of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School. He is a member of the IEEE and has published numerous papers. He is a member of the IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM) Board and served as technical program chairman for the 2001 MILCOM conference.. Dr. Huffman is also a founding member and past chairman of the IEEE Computer Society Industry Advisory Board and a member of AFCEA’s Technology Committee.