Ms. Cecilia Phan
Government Liaison

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, 1988;
Executive MBA, George Washington University, May 2009; Acquisition Level III Certified - System Engineering, Planning, Research, Development; CIO Certificate, National Defense University 2010.
SUMMARY OF SKILLS: Ms. Cecilia Phan has twenty years experience in acquisition management, system engineering, information technology, and organizational strategy. She has expertise in assessing and implementing innovative technologies and concepts for the DoD Information Network and Net-Centric Operations including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services. She also has extensive work experience in information assurance, tactical communication networks, cross domain systems and Coalition Information Sharing (CIS), Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense (JIAMD), Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS).  Cruise Missile Defense (CMD).
Chief Technology Officer, Joint Staff, GS-850-15; May 2006 – Present: Ms. Cecilia Phan is the technical advisor for the Director of the Joint Staff J8, providing advice and assistance to ensure that information technology (IT) is acquired and information resources are managed in a manner that implements the policies and procedures of Clinger Cohen Act. Cecilia plans, coordinates, and establishes strategic guidance, near and long-term goals and associated objectives that serve as technical guidance for products, and concept assessments. She evaluates and develops concepts to meet the evolving needs of the war fighters, consistent with the strategic vision of the J8; as well as develops, maintains, and facilitates the implementation of sound technology capabilities with integrated joint and combined architectures for the Joint DoD Users Community. Coordinates and reviews with ASD (NII), USD-AT&L(DDR&E), the Services, National Security Agency, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in the planning, programming and budgetary decisions affecting all Global Information Grid (GIG) programs. She acts as Government advisor at the Defense Science Board Study, serves as Government member of the Industry-led Net Centric Operation Industry Consortium (NCOIC), and represents the Joint Community at the Unified Cross Domain Management Office Technical Panel to review and baseline Cross Domain Solutions.
Chief, Battle Management/Command and Control, (BM/C2), Missile Defense Agency; GS-850-15; March 1996 - April 2006
She led the design and development of all C2BMC Planner and Intelligence efforts, defined and developed necessary interfaces between all BMDS Elements’ Mission Planners and the C2BMC Planner. She provided strategic direction for identification and resolution of in the C2 and Intel mission critical areas. She initiated and oversaw the development and testing of the Joint Range Extension program to expand the effective range of the tactical data links. She crafted a comprehensive Test and Evaluation Master Plan as well as detailed test plans and procedures and coordinated all test resources to ensure that test analysis verified the established Measures of Effectiveness and Critical Technical Parameters.  She initiated and led the establishment of Global Command and Control System (GCCS) requirements for missile defense warning in the joint C2 community. 
Electrical Engineer, Program Executive Officer of Cruise Missiles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Joint Project; April 1991 - March 1996
She is the Project Manager for the Vertical Launch & Recovery (VLAR) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Demonstration Project leading a diverse team of aerospace, mechanical, electronics and system engineers from five different field activities and defined system requirements, reviewed, analyzed and recommended technical trade-offs between schedule, cost and performance.
Electrical Engineer, Naval Air Systems Command, December 1988 - April 1991
Cecilia managed the development, integration, and testing of flight control systems for various fighter aircraft and helicopter programs including the V-22, F-18, EA-6B, E-2/C-2, and T-34/44 aircraft. Established system specification requirements and conducted technical design reviews.  She identified potential design problems and provided alternate design solutions to ensure system safety, performance, redundancy, reliability, schedule, and cost.