New England Center for Homeless Veterans

April 15, 2009
By Rita Boland

The New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV) extends a helping hand to any homeless veteran facing the challenges of addiction, trauma, severe and persistent mental illness, and unemployment; however, the veterans must be committed to sobriety, nonviolence and working for personal change. The organization is located in Boston, and though most clients are from the Boston area, the NECHV has aided veterans from all 50 states. Homeless veterans seeking help should go to 17 Court Street, any time of the day or night, and request assistance. Veteran status will be verified through the discharge form (DD214). If the DD214 is not readily available, NECHV staff will make an emergency request from the Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis for the appropriate information. The center's support services include a residential program, specialized counseling, housing programs, training opportunities, job placement and medical help. The residential program has three levels. The first is the "Cot Squad," in which veterans receive intensive counseling to address and resolve immediate personal issues. Individuals are given thorough assessments and the determination is made about the need for more intensive medical care. The second level is the "Transitional Housing Program" that offers more comfortable living environments. To qualify for this, veterans must be working or enrolled in a training or educational program. This level concentrates on financial management and the search for permanent housing; clients are prepared to transition to self-sufficiency. The third level is a move to the 59 single-occupancy permanent units in the John Joseph Moakley Veterans Quarters located at the center. Typically, the rooms are 98 percent occupied with veterans who have completed level two. The center's Veterans Training School offers life skills as well as pre-vocational and vocational courses. It also assists with résumés and provides career counseling, JumpStart workshops and a job posting board. More information about the NECHV, its efforts and the ways to assist with time, talent and treasure is available on the Web site. The programs listed on these pages are not affiliated with our publication or association. We highlight these independent efforts as a service to our military and our readers. For more information about these programs, please contact the organizations directly.

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