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The Cyber Edge January 2020
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FBI Strives to Keep Ahead of Cyber Adversaries.
A rapidly changing threat environment compels increased cooperation.

5G Wireless Opens New Possibilities for Government
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5G wireless technology is poised to take the world by storm, offering fast and effective network connectivity at data throughput speeds once reserved for dedicated fiberoptic landlines. This increased speed will also fuel new developments in wireless applications and connected devices to vastly increase the size, depth and interconnectivity of networks of all kinds. In this article, Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs explores the topic of 5G further.

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Best Practices in Drafting a Data Decommissioning Policy
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As obsolete technology and routine maintenance continue to replace old information and storage devices, it has become more critical than ever to destroy data properly with a data decommissioning policy. Through proper research and a unified vision, a policy can be written that can keep information secure, prevent data leaks, and even save money in the long run.

Will Your Security Solution Fit the New CMMC Framework?
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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) promises to have significant impact on the state of cybersecurity requirements for US DIB contractors. Each member of the DIB supply chain plays a vital role in the nation's security, and contractors that are not CMMC certified will not be eligible to bid on government defense contracts. Download this whitepaper to get CMMC preparation tips and to learn if your current security solution will fit the new CMMC framework.

NIST: 800-160(2) and 800-171(B) Securing High Value Assets and Confidential Unclassified Information
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The NIST publications 800-160 Volume 21 and 800-1712 deal with developing cyber-resilient systems and protecting controlled unclassified information in nonfederal systems and organizations, respectively. These documents give an organization clear guidance on implementing secure systems from the policy, process, personnel, and technical perspectives. This paper will very briefly summarize these NIST publications, introduce deception technology, and show how deception technology fits within the NIST guidelines to support regulatory compliance and enhanced security.

The Cyber Edge October 2019
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Cyber policy traditionally has focused more on enterprise networks than tactical systems, according to Nancy Kreidler, the Army's new leader for the Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Directorate within the Office of the Chief Information Officer/G-6. But new initiatives emphasize cybersecurity in the tactical environment, including networks, weaponry and any other systems used by warfighters.

Cyber Insurance
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The Cyber Insurance Subcommittee of AFCEA International's Cyber Committee concluded cyber insurance is useful in risk transference but with some important caveats. For example, a purchase decision is contingent on individual company circumstances, such as revenue, risk tolerance, board guidance and regulatory environment relative to protected categories of information. In addition, every purchase decision should be critically reviewed regarding the extent of exclusions to coverage in each policy. The subcommittee also concluded that it remains in the indeterminate futur ...

Selecting the Optimal DSP Solution for EW Applications
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In a rapidly changing technology environment, developers of advanced electronic warfare solutions face a sometimes bewildering array of choices. It's not just about RF performance, though. Here, we describe some of the options and trade-offs.

The Truth About Federal Data Center Modernization
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From the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative nearly a decade ago to last year's IT Modernization Fund, the government continues to prioritize data center modernization. Despite directives from two administrations, agencies are often reluctant to transition away from outdated legacy systems. Progress remains slow and pocketed. This begs the question: why? Download this report to debunk the four perceived obstacles to modernization in the Federal government and to discover how to better make the case for modernization within your organization.

The Three Tenets of IT Modernization
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Government organizations are complex. They have deeply rooted and unique cultures, data siloes, and significant legacy systems associated with them. To avoid the mistakes that have doomed past modernization efforts, agencies must consider employing best practices that are more agile and iterative in nature, cloud-based, and model driven. Download this white paper to find practical guidance on approaching legacy modernization.

Stop the COTS Madness
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Leaders within the US Department of Defense (DoD) are under pressure to think differently to modernize the force with innovations that will drive efficiency and effectiveness rapidly, while mitigating risk. Pega offers the DoD a uniquely superior solution for transforming legacy systems with the leading agile, secure, unified platform in the industry. Read on to find out how to stop the COTS madness and pursue urgent change at a significant scale now.

The Cyber Edge July 2019
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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts when the two combine forces for information technology. BY ROBERT K. ACKERMAN The U.S. Army is building a tighter relationship with industry to tap commercial expertise and avoid long procurement delays that often render new information technologies obsolete before they are fielded

TN Augusta Solution Abstracts 2019
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As part of TechNet Augusta 2019, the U.S. Army identified 11 areas as opportunities for the private sector to share potential solutions for the problems the service faces in the multidomain operations arena. The association reached out to industry and received nearly 80 potential solutions from a range of innovators with technical and thought-provoking approaches to addressing difficult problems. Read how entrepreneurs, pioneers and large companies recommend the Army solve some of their biggest challenges

Why UEM is the key to enterprise IT security?
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Free e-book that aids in improving your enterprise IT security
Most IT admins have asked themselves at some point in time, "How do I achieve and sustain enterprise IT security?"

With cybercriminals sneaking into enterprises using new techniques every day, IT administrators have never been busier. Download your free e-book to understand the challenges in sustaining enterprise IT security, and learn how to overcome these challenges by implementing security-first procedures, securing corporate and personal data, maintaining user privacy, and increasing employee p ...

Cyber Deception: How to Build a Program
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With traditional cybersecurity, companies play a cat-and-mouse game to identify, block, and prevent threats. A deception program changes this by giving defenders the ability to learn about attackers in the same way attackers try to learn about their targets. Once an organization knows an attacker is in the network, it can observe the attacker's behaviours and patterns. This background helps security teams better understand what attackers are after and the best way to respond.

Beyond the Phish
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In our deepest and most wide-ranging report yet, we explore user knowledge of a broad range of best practices for cyber hygiene, security, and compliance. The report analyzes millions of responses gathered from our Security Education Platform. Our latest Beyond the Phish Report includes: Data from nearly 130 million questions answered by customers end users Users understanding of 14 cybersecurity topics Two new categories: users understanding of unintentional and malicious insider threats and a view of executives cybersecurity knowledge Knowledge comparisons across 16 i ...

State of the Phish
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This cybersecurity report analyses data from tens of millions of simulated phishing attacks sent through Proofpoint's Security Education Platform over a 12-month period, as well as an extensive survey of our global database of infosec professionals. It also includes survey data from thousands of working adults in seven countries, the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Japan providing cybersecurity insights into end-user security awareness and behavior around phishing, ransomware, and more. Direct feedback from infosec professionals on today's threat landscap ...

SIGNAL Executive Video: Wrapping Software Licensing in a Blanket Purchase Agreement
Author: Thundercat & Symantec   Send Email to POC   View Content
Nothing in the field of information technology is more dynamic than software development. For consumers, individual personal mobile communications devices are constantly upgraded by weekly downloads of new apps. For large organizations such as the military services, vital information systems must be upgraded repeatedly and quickly, lest they enter the world of obsolescence. And, when it comes to security, obsolescence could be the death knell for any national security organization in a time of crisis.
Upgrading security across the breadth of a military service poses ...

SIGNAL Executive Video: Working Toward More Agile Defense Acquisition
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The public perception of the defense acquisition process is like that of the weather: Everyone complains about it, but no one does anything about it. That perception is wrong; many people in both government and industry are working to improve the process, and a host of initiatives are geared toward ensuring that innovation is sped to the warfighter and the decision maker as quickly as possible.

But acquisition is driven by laws and regulations, which of course originate from the government. For the Defense Department to truly reap the benefits of innovation, it m ...

Choosing the Best Mobility Management Solution: TCO, Satisfaction, Data Protection and Security
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VDC Research conducted a comparative analysis of the mobility management, data protection and security capabilities of BlackBerry's unified endpoint management (UEM) solution and Microsoft's Intune UEM solution. Each was assessed on the level of assurance and utility they provided, their cost effectiveness/total cost of ownership (TCO), and their impact on user experience. This whitepaper will detail the changing nature of end-user computing deployment environments, discuss the need for modern mobility management and collaboration tools that provide secure access to Saa ...