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Guide to Evaluating Machine Translation Software
Provided By: SDL   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
Content is the infrastructure that connects civilization to commerce, innovation, and for the organizations who know how to harness it, dominance in the digital world. It not only drives the modern digital customer experience, but also is critical to business intelligence
and inter- and intra-enterprise collaboration.

Raytheon Case Study
Provided By: SDL   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
Raytheon's long-term relationship reaps rewards For over 30 years Raytheon has counted on XPP, the highly scalable, high-quality publishing tool, to deliver critical updates for the Patriot missile system to military customers around the world. Read our case study to see how our technology has helped Raytheon deliver a vast amount of tech doc updates each and every year.

The State of MITRE ATT&CK-Threat-Informed Defense in 2021
Provided By: MITRE Engenuity   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
What is the industry's state of knowledge of MITRE ATT&CK vs. the ability to apply it at work? How are organizations utilizing ATT&CK? What ATT&CK-based technologies is the community using? What percentage of the community has done a thorough mapping of their defenses to ATT&CK? Does the community know how to build an ATT&CK CTI product? Does the community have an interest in learning more about how to apply ATT&CK? Are practitioners gaining the advantage over the adversary with ATT&CK, or mainly playing catch up chasing traditional IOCs?

Intelligence Community Innovation Era
Provided By: Booz Allen   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
Longstanding proven approaches used by the Intelligence Community must change as technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to evolve and as 5G expands. That's going to be really uncomfortable say Booz Allen Hamilton's Judi Dotson and Brian Green. In a recent video, the two executives talk about the driving forces of change in the IC, in DOD and across critical infrastructure and how your organization can benefit from this transformation.

Bridging the Gap: Developing Future-Proof Systems in Today's
Provided By: Akima   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
Supply chain security. A global pandemic. Complex acquisition models. These are just a few of the challenges impacting the manufacturing, prototyping, and other advanced systems engineering needs of the federal government. In this interview, Zach Conover, General Manager of Akima subsidiaries Lynxnet, Truestone, and Aperture Federal, sits down with the Editor & Chief of Signal Magazine to discuss these issues, as well explore how the Akima portfolio of companies is ensuring it can rapidly deliver best fit solutions in support of today's warfighter in our "new normal." ...

Precison Machines That Constantly Improve
Provided By: Markforged   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
The U.S. Department of Defense is looking at additive manufacturing technologies to rapidly prototype and build equipment components and increasingly, to potentially make replacement parts in the field. X-Fab is one example of the government's interest and support for additive manufacturing technologies. Learn more in this video interview with David Benhaim, co-founder and chief technology officer for Markforged, which develops and makes additive manufacturing equipment and software.

Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model
Provided By: Varonis   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
The NSA has recommended all federal agencies and contractors adopt a Zero Trust security model. This document shows how Varonis aligns with the NSA guidelines and how we can help organizations achieve a mature Zero Trust environment.

Packet Capture is a Foundational Technology for Cyber Security
Provided By: Endace   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
As distributed applications and cloud services have become commonplace, the increased complexity in network and application architectures has made it challenging for teams to ensure the reliability, performance, and security of enterprise networks. These complex environments open more attack vectors for exploitation while making it difficult or impossible for security teams to quickly determine what has happened in the event of a security incident. This has led to the need for organizations to capture complete information about network activity and provide it to securit ...

Transforming the Workplace of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond
Provided By: Crestron   Send Email to POC   View Content   Apr 2021
The place workers call the office and the way they work and collaborate has forever changed. Today, workers are scattered between offices, homes, and other remote locations. At Crestron, we are proud to chart the path forward as we explore the future of work and solutions that strengthen our connections with people, anywhere they may be.

Defending Against Credential-Based and Privilege Escalation Attacks
Provided By: Attivo Networks   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
Giving the right user secure access to a system, resource, application, or network hinges on one thing - accurately confirming the user's identity. Organizations often rely on directory services such as Active Directory (AD) to authorize account access verifying a username and password combination. The problem is that attackers can steal and misuse these credentials for malicious purposes, and the organization would never know. Since the credential is valid, the attacker gains access to everything the legitimate user has access to. If attackers steal credentials that ha ...

Zero-Trust Communications & Collaboration On Any Network
Provided By: SpiderOak   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
This following white paper will provide readers with an overview of SpiderOak's CrossClave product capability. CrossClave is a secure communication and collaboration solution that leverages no-knowledge encryption and an industry-unique deployment of blockchain/distributed ledger to provide users with a level of confidentiality and security unavailable until now in this marketspace.

Chaos to Control: An Exploration of Modern Critical Event Management Use Cases
Provided By: OnSolve   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
How Can Your Organization Use Critical Event Management? A crisis can take us from calm to chaos in seconds. Whether it's a hurricane or a wildfire, a plane crash or a plant explosion, a local outbreak or a global pandemic, your organization needs the capabilities to bring more control to chaos, now more than ever. The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management lets you do just that, with pinpoint accuracy that's 90% faster than traditional one-dimensional modeling. This ebook explores: The three parts of critical event management (CEM) A scenario based on actual ev ...

Manned-Unmanned Teaming Takes Off
Provided By: ViaSat, Inc.   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
In what seemed like science fiction only a few years ago, artificial intelligence empowered unmanned systems teaming with manned platforms are shaping up as the path for future operations.

Markforged Customer Success Story: NASA JPL's Team CoSTAR
Provided By: Markforged   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
Find out why Team CoSTAR turned to Markforged 3D printers as they competed in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge with Nebula, the team's autonomous robot that had 15 Markforged 3D printed parts. The team could count on the robustness of the Markforged printers, the reliability and repeatability of parts produced, and the fact that the Digital Forge creates beautiful, functional parts that do not require any post-processing. This challenge is a starting point to work towards enabling underground exploration of the moon, Mars and beyond.

Hunting hackers with deep packet analysis
Provided By: Endace   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
As cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated, organizations need a way to quickly detect and stop an attack or track and analyze its aftereffects for clues. Deep packet analysis, or packet sniffing, is a data processing technique that allows organizations to monitor network traffic for signs of intrusion, block or reroute it if an attack is detected, and most importantly, record data traffic, allowing analysts to conduct detailed investigations into the nature of a cyber incident.

Retaining Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals
Provided By: SixGen   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
It appears that once a new data breach makes it to the public, there are conversations that follow wanting to highlight the demand for cyber security professionals. Recent data confirms trends from prior years that the information warfare domain is a risk that every organization needs to account for.

Tactical Edge to Tactical Core Voice Communications Deliver Secure Fixed Line Voice Mobility
Provided By: Ribbon   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
Whether supporting missions downrange on the battlefield or supporting citizens down the street when a natural disaster hits, the U.S. government needs secure communications that are easy to deploy and easy to use. Security, ease of use, reliability and scalability are critical to any mission-critical environment and Tactical Core and Tactical Edge help smoothly transition to the next generation of solutions.

Securing Your Software Supply Chain
Provided By: CyberArk   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
With the advent of CI/CD pipelines, supply chain attacks have become more prevalent, and as the recent SolarWinds breach has demonstrated, the impact of such breaches can be vast and rippling. This eBook addresses questions raised by security leaders that want to better understand their organization's development environments, the risks development tools expose and the best practices and approaches for securing them. Review best practices to securing developer endpoints, the applications being developed, as well as the tools and admin consoles used to run CI/CD pipeline ...

Achieving Digital Transformation at Army PEO EIS
Provided By: BMC   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
Learn how BMC's Gartner-leading SaaS ITSM solution, coupled with the immense power of AWS, can solve your enterprise service desk challenges. This e-Book explores why BMC is able to provide the highest-rated solution at the lowest cost, providing the opportunity for the fastest time to mission value, all while minimizing risk.

Tanium for Zero Trust
Provided By: Tanium   Send Email to POC   View Content   Mar 2021
At its core, Zero Trust is a simple idea - trust no user or device, and always verify. Agencies need to be able to look beyond the users and data on their network and have full visibility into what is happening on their devices. With the flexibility of Tanium's platform and cutting-edge technology, agencies have the foundation necessary to support the evolution of a Zero Trust Architecture. In order to migrate to Zero Trust, Tanium recommends that agencies incorporate three key steps: 1. Identify actors on the enterprise, 2. Identify assets owned by the enterprise and 3 ...