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Signal Cyber Edge April 2019
Author: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content
This edition of The Cyber Edge celebrates and recognizes the contributions of women in cybersecurity and STEM. All of the articles in the section were written by women and feature expert opinions on operating in a time where information o en can be a weapon.

7 Ways Hackers Look to Exploit Federal Agencies
Author: Core Security, a HelpSystems Company   Send Email to POC   View Content
Federal agencies are often high targets of attackers to obtain access to your environment, steal data, or leak information. There are seven common ways hackers try to get into federal agencies. In this guide you'll receive descriptions of each type, real-world examples of why hackers want data in that way, and strategies for protecting against common hacker methods.

Red Hat Helps Organizations Make Agile a Reality
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Talk about taking on a big job: Red Hat wants to bring agile software production practices and the company's OpenShift application development platform into the Department of Defense with their decades of constraints, habits and bureaucracy

Expanding Link 16's Reach Through Concurrent Multiple Reception
Author: ViaSat, Inc.   Send Email to POC   View Content
From the end of the Cold War to the present era, there has been a growing need for military platforms to coordinate for operations and to share information. The Link 16 family of data links has been central to providing critical battlefield information to the U.S. and its allies since the 1980s.

Summer 2019 Technology Vectors Update by the AFCEA Technology Committee
Author: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content
An annual presentation on current technology trends provided by the AFCEA International volunteer Technology Committee. Provides insights and expertise in emerging technology topics most relevant to Federal technology leaders.

BlackBerry Technology Secures Government Communications
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When the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) went looking for technology to enable alliance officials to use smartphones without being eavesdropped on by hackers or spies, they immediately came up against a problem

How DevSecOps Helped Address Data Integration Challenges in Healthcare
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How DevSecOps Helped Address Data Integration Challenges in Healthcare

Intelligent Systems Boost End-to-End Military Operations
Author: Microsoft   Send Email to POC   View Content
As conflicts become faster and more complex with multiple platforms and data streams feeding information to warfighters, there is a growing need to manage this process to improve operational efficiency. The Department of Defense (DOD) is investing in cloud and machine learning tools and systems to help improve situational awareness and connectivity at the last tactical mile

The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Security Operations
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A January 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ServiceNow How a Representative Organization Resolved Security Incidents 45% Faster This Forrester Study provides a framework and customer example to help readers evaluate the potential financial benefits of investing in ServiceNow Security Operations. To understand and illustrate the benefits, costs, and risks associated with ServiceNow, Forrester interviewed three current Security Operations customers to create a representative organization. This organization: Improved vulnerability respo ...

Hypersonic Flight Raises the Bar for Embedded Electronics
Author: Abaco   Send Email to POC   View Content
This white paper looks at how hypersonic flight will place radical new demands on the embedded computing systems on which they will rely - in terms of not only new levels of performance, but also of new levels of ruggedness

TACLANE Render Useless Zeroize (RUZ) Feature for Unattended Operation and High Risk Deployments
Author: General Dynamics Mission Systems   Send Email to POC   View Content
TACLANE RUZ feature supports integration in unmanned and manned platforms, forward deployed and sensor applications. Interested in learning more? Request the RUZ whitepaper now!

The hybrid cloud advantage for Government
Author: Kemp Technologies   Send Email to POC   View Content
"Hybrid Cloud" is used to describe an application hosting approach that spans the range of private datacenter, hosted datacenter, virtual computing, cloud computing, and the many variations between and among these approaches. Selecting the best approach for application hosting enables federal customers to quickly take advantage of the opportunities within each approach.

TACLANE Agile Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP)
Author: General Dynamics Mission Systems   Send Email to POC   View Content
Our new TACLANE Agile Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) software feature will increase your network availability and accelerate the performance of your mission in disadvantaged networks. Secure your mission's success and request the PEP whitepaper today!

The Case for Secure Communications
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Today's communications landscape has migrated to mostly wireless communications. This doesn't mean that communications are more secure. In fact, it means that the attack surface has become much larger. Wireless traffic has the potential to be captured, listened to and even hijacked without any indication to those on either end of a call. The good news is that these communications can be protected with solutions that encrypt and secure voice and messaging communications so that even if its captured, it will reveal no usable information.

An In-Depth Guide to Meeting Federal Data Destruction Regulatory Compliance
Author: Security Engineered Machinery   Send Email to POC   View Content
Data security encompasses all aspects of information protection and has been an integral part of federal policy since the Social Security Act of 1934 made it illegal to disclose an individual's social security number and personally identifiable information (PII). Since then, numerous federal programs and processes specific to the privacy and security of personal, financial, health, and intelligence information have been instituted. In this guide you will learn how to successfully sanitize all classifications of government information, explore different types of media an ...

IT Cadre's Transformation Support - Momentum at the most critical time
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The first three to six months of any program will lay the foundation for success. Organizations that succeed drive the plan hard, confront the tough challenges early, achieve smart quick wins, and gain the early momentum that is critically important for the success of a transformation or program.

Defending the Tactical Edge at Machine Speed
Author: ManTech   Send Email to POC   View Content
Defending enterprise networks at the core is a challenge. Given the advances in active monitoring, data analytics, NOC/SOC technologies, and security information and event management (SIEM), we are now able to provide robust active defense mechanisms to protect the core enterprise. However, defending the tactical edge presents numerous additional challenges. To begin with, warfighters are often operating in a disconnected, intermittent and limited bandwidth (DIL) environment. Also, they are in hostile areas where concealing one's identity and operating in stealth mode i ...

MEASURING SECURITY: Making Sense Out of a Modern-Day Tower of Babel
Author: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content
Despite obvious and compelling needs for ways to measure security, AFCEA's Cyber Committee found that there is no consensus about how to measure security. To the contrary, its members found that the security metrics are all over the map with most organizations admitting in confidential discussions that they are not comfortable with the metrics they are using.

Attivo Networks® ThreatDefend™ Platform and the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix
Author: Attivo Networks   Send Email to POC   View Content
The MITRE Corporation Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK™) Matrix provides a model for cyber
adversary behavior, reflecting various phases of an adversary's lifecycle and the platforms they are known to target. It is designed
to help determine which technologies work or fail, identify gaps to improve security posture and processes, prioritize work on
detecting and deterring techniques, and to evaluate new security technology. ATT&CK is useful for understanding security risk
against known adversary behavior, planning security improv ...

Storing and Accessing Data at the Edge
Author: NetApp   Send Email to POC   View Content
To effectively carry out its mission and keep the nation safe, DoD networks must provide uninterrupted access to intelligence and data that is gathered globally. It must then deliver that data easily, transparently and securely to military personnel. This will empower them to better execute their missions both on and off the battlefield.
With the advent of faster mobile communications and cloud-based artificial intelligence capabilities, data can be moved from the user in the field up to a cloud for processing and the results can be sent back to the user in near real ...