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2018 Trends in Cybersecurity: Building Effective Security Teams
Author: CompTIA   Send Email to POC   View Content
As cybersecurity has become more complex, traditional methods do not account for the wide range of issues related to securing corporate data and handling privacy concerns. New technology, improved processes and broad workforce education are all required for a modern security posture. Adopting a new approach requires cultural change within an organization, but it also requires a diverse set of skills. A new report by CompTIA examines the ways that businesses are building security teams, using internal and external resources, to assemble the expertise needed for security ...

Turning Data into a Strategic Asset for the Warfighter
Author: A3 Missions   Send Email to POC   View Content
Federal agencies increasingly need data-derived insights to address complex challenges, deliver mission success, and optimize resources for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Whether the challenge is to contain a fast-spreading disease, model and monitor network activity, rapidly assess a battlefield, uncover fraud, or efficiently maintain a fleet of ships, the rapid exploitation of data is essential to getting the job done and providing situational understanding.

Formed in 2015, A3 Missions is a Georgia based LLC that specializes in Data Center Infrastructur ...

Simplify the Secure Desktop
Author: Belkin International   Send Email to POC   View Content
Most secure KVMs are built to support a particular video standard while a large agency may have three or more different computing platforms with various video interfaces. This makes it extremely hard to properly manage secure KVM devices throughout their lifecycle, creating unnecessary burdens on IT departments and ultimately wasting time and budget. Deployment costs go up, IT managers lose the uniformity across their domain that they seek, and long-term maintenance costs become an unknown liability.

The Belkin Universal Secure KVMs have been engineered to solve ...

Best Practices in Enterprise Asset Management: How to Maintain Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems at a High Operational Availability Rate
Author: STS International, Inc   Send Email to POC   View Content
Over the past five (5) years STS International has developed EAM best practices to maintain Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems (NIIS) at a high operational availability rate with reduced costs. Specifically, STS highlights the following innovative EAM approaches to achieving mission success:
• Reliability Centered Maintenance approach
• Asset, logistics and reliability database
• Customized Logistics Information System (LIS) coupled with business analytics software

BIG DATA STRATEGIES: Protecting Information from Theft and Tampering
Author: Commvault   Send Email to POC   View Content
Cybercriminals have long profited by selling stolen financial and personal data. Of late, they've added another alarming technique: encrypting an organization's data where it's stored and demanding payment for the recovery key.

This type of cyberattack, called ransomware, is rising: One study indicates that a business is attacked every 40 seconds. The public sector is a target for ransomware because small agencies, local governments and educational institutions are less likely to have strong security measures and full data backups.

Many are also working w ...

Architecting a Hybrid Data Ecosystem
Author: Denodo Inc   Send Email to POC   View Content
One of the strongest trends in data architecture today is toward the hybrid data ecosystem.

This is a complex, multiplatform environment where data is physically distributed across many database servers and file systems, with storage both on premises and in the cloud.

Hybrid data ecosystems present many challenges. Users find it difficult to wrap their heads around the extreme complexity. Data moves from platform to platform relentlessly as users repurpose data for multiple use cases-making it difficult to govern data and track its lineage.

Despite ...

Building Cyber Resilient Technologies
Author: Envistacom   Send Email to POC   View Content
For a computing paradigm, "Resilience is the ability to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation". Resilience is related to survivability, which builds on the disciplines of security, fault tolerance, safety, reliability, and performance. This paper focuses on cyber security approaches to achieve cyber resilience when developing technologies, systems, networks, and platforms.

BIG DATA STRATEGIES: Ensuring Compliance, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Author: Commvault   Send Email to POC   View Content
Data here, data there, data everywhere. This small rhyme captures a big concern for IT teams: Current fragmented data storage practices create complexity for meeting compliance requirements and assuring business continuity and disaster recovery.

Typically, government data is stored in many siloed locations and forms, including on-premises servers and storage systems, off-premises backup to tape services and cloud repositories. No single, holistic view exists across departments to truly know what data is available and where it resides. When it is difficult to trac ...

The Key to Beating Perpetual Cyberattacks
Author: ManTech   Send Email to POC   View Content
The cyber domain is like any other military or intelligence theater of operations: Success requires highly skilled, well-trained and experienced professionals.

Technology in the form of advanced systems, tools and software are indispensable, and staying ahead of adversaries requires constant innovation. But just like any weapons system, ordnance or strategic plan, the best technology is of limited value without the people to make it work at its highest level. We recruit and train pilots for new generations of aircraft; we must do the same for cyber warriors.

Getting smarter about perimeter and border protection with advanced analytics
Author: Axis Communications, Inc   Send Email to POC   View Content
Analytically enhanced IP video provides the right information at the right time to support efficient operations and optimal situational awareness, especially to those looking to maximize the use of security personnel, identify risks and secure borders and perimeters. If you're struggling to quickly identify and isolate relevant data captured within endless hours of video, or need to instantly detect real-time behaviors or activity... Download the whitepaper to read more!

Military and Government are Benefiting from a Fast and Effective Encryption Solution
Author: IMPRES Technology Solutions   Send Email to POC   View Content
Forces deployed around the world need the ability to transmit securely on their networks, and a fabric-based architecture that removes media access control addresses from a network while integrating with different levels of security, topology and protocols can meet this need.
CSOI is a fabric-based architecture that removes media access control addresses from a network while integrating with different levels of security, topology and protocols. It overlays existing addresses without changing a network's physical architecture and it permits rerouting and reprioritizat ...

Automate the Data Fusion of Publicly Available Information (PAI) & Existing Authoritative Data with SAP HANA ®
Author: SAP NS2   Send Email to POC   View Content
Publicly Available Information is one form of non-traditional data that can offer a treasure trove of readily available data that can help analysts and mission planners across all of the battlespace domains. However, just getting additional raw data streams, when analysts are already overloaded with the massive amounts of data they already have, would only add to the problem.

The answer to this challenge is using automation to find the right data, validate its trustworthiness; then correlate with existing content. The outcome: a complete picture of all the releva ...

Today’s Insider Threat – It’s Real!
Author: Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Co., Inc.   Send Email to POC   View Content
As commercial corporations and government agencies continue to spend countless millions of dollars on protecting their most valued asset (data) from outside cyber-attacks and ever so increasing insider threat potential, not nearly enough attention has been given to physical security. There is typically little consideration for protecting and limiting the unmonitored access to the equipment housing the data. Over the last decade, a tremendous emphasis has been placed on the cyber security community to stand up to elaborate attacks; threat and security operation centers, ...

Why Ka-band has Emerged as the Best Path Forward for AISR
Author: Inmarsat Government   Send Email to POC   View Content
Global intelligence gathering operations are increasingly conducted from airborne platforms. Effectively employing these assets requires globally-portable, fully-connected and efficient beyond line of sight (BLOS) connectivity. As the military is evaluating its future data and communication technology to support these missions, Ka-band has emerged as the preferred path forward for the Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AISR) community.

TechNet Augusta 2018 Solutions Showcase Compendium
Author: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content
As part of TechNet Augusta 2018, the U.S. Army identified 11 areas as opportunities for the private sector to share potential solutions for the problems the service faces in the cyber electromagnetic activities arena. The association reached out to industry and received more than 40 potential solutions from a range of innovators with technical and thought-provoking approaches to addressing difficult problems. Read how entrepreneurs, pioneers and large companies recommend the Army solve some of their biggest challenges.

Securing Government Desktops from Cyber Threats with the Latest KVM Technology
Author: Belkin International   Send Email to POC   View Content
Foreign nations, terrorists, and cyber criminals see state and local government IT infrastructure as an extremely attractive target for data theft, attacks, and disruption. Attacks have taken down entire systems, destroyed valuable equipment, and left many government agencies repeatedly vulnerable in countries throughout the world. To combat threats, Federal agencies are looking for ways to enable employee productivity while ensuring air-tight seals between networks, protecting from both internal and external threats. Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) switching devices can ass ...

Open Innovation Labs government e-book
Author: Red Hat   Send Email to POC   View Content
Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is an immersive residency for modernizing application development. Developing government applications can take years and cost millions, and security, compliance, and privacy requirements stall progress. Government IT teams are innovating faster and improving quality with DevOps. The approach is to make large-scale changes iteratively, instead of all at once-adjusting direction as you go. Learn how in this e-book about Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity: A Guide for Corporate Executives and Board Members
Author: CompTIA   Send Email to POC   View Content
According to the World Economic Forum, a majority of business leaders indicated that cyberattacks are their top concern heading into 2018. For many organizations, there needs to be an important shift in mindset: Security can no longer be thought of as a technical problem with a technical solution; it must be treated as a critical business concern.

How to Find a Trusted Advisor for Your IT Modernization Projects
Author: IMPRES Technology Solutions   Send Email to POC   View Content
Government and military agencies are now dependent on commercial technologies ranging from the infrastructure, to the cloud, to security solutions. The challenge these agencies face is how to determine the right products and providers for specific and often complex needs when the number of options and the level of risk are overwhelming.

In this white paper, learn the best practices to follow and the pitfalls to avoid when upgrading existing hardware, migrating to the cloud, procuring security solutions or managing a range of information technology needs for both ...

Summer 2018 Technology Vectors Update by the AFCEA Technology Committee
Author: AFCEA   Send Email to POC   View Content
An annual presentation on current technology trends provided by the AFCEA International volunteer Technology Committee. Provides insights and expertise in emerging technology topics most relevant to Federal technology leaders.