Digital Reprints

Digital Reprints

Let SIGNAL turn your article into additional marketing and information firepower. 

Digital PDF formatted reprints of original articles printed in SIGNAL Magazine are a cost-effective and authoritative way to share information on your company’s role in advancements in the cyber, defense, security, intelligence and related information technology disciplines. 

Use your digital reprint to:  

  • Support new product launches and development 
  • Update target audiences with important developments 
  • Print your PDF for an appealing way to distribute information to conference delegates and visitors 

Optimize your editorial coverage from an industry-respected publication. Using reprints adds credibility to your message and helps promote your achievements.  

Additional customized options include: 

  • Addition of company logos and contact information
  • Yellow highlighting to make quotes and important information stand out
  • Include a full-page display advertisement on the last page of the PDF

You’ve got the good press—SIGNAL helps you get all you can out of it. 

Please allow two weeks to fulfill your order.


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