Blog: Cool App-titude: Vcommunicator Mobile

June 22, 2010
By Rachel Eisenhower

Deployed forces can increase their knowledge of the language and culture in Iraq and Afghanistan with the click of a button, according to Vcom3D, the developer of the iPhone app Vcommunicator Mobile Language & Culture (LC). Select groups of soldiers have already started utilizing the app, which aims to help users communicate effectively during operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, and it has already been used by more than 700 members of the U.S. military. The app has also been deployed with forces helping relief efforts in Sudan. Users can choose a word or phrase in English and see it spelled phonetically or displayed in Arabic so they can hold it out for someone else to read. When the user clicks on the Arabic script, the app will recite the phrase through the iPhone or iPod speaker and provide an image of the culturally correct gesture to make with that phrase. Currently, the Vcom3D software includes close to 300 vocabulary words and 400 phrases from Arabic, Kirdish, Pashto and Dari dictionaries. The app also includes a phrase and gesture builder so users can design specific mission phrases as needed. The app is free and available through the iTunes App Store. These sites are not affiliated with AFCEA or SIGNAL Magazine, and we are not responsible for the content or quality of the products offered. When visiting new websites, please use proper Internet security procedures.

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