Information Security Organization Extends International Reach

December 1, 2010
By Henry Kenyon

(ISC)2 has created an application security advisory board that includes information professionals from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Americas. The board will recommend ways to increase awareness of software that is not secure and help software developers understand how to introduce security directly at the software development level.

During its first meeting, the experts made recommendations about issues such as how to overcome problems the proliferation of nonsecure software causes. According to (ISC)2 officials, 80 percent of today's cyberattacks occur at the application level.

Subject matter experts of the 14-member board specialize in the software life cycle. They include representatives from business, public and nongovernmental organizations. Among them is Andreas Fuchsberger, lecturer in information security, information security group, Royal Halloway, University of London, and security, privacy and identity standards lead, Microsoft Corporation. Anthony Lim, director, security, Asia-Pacific, Rational Software, Suntec; Dave Stender, associate chief information officer for cybersecurity and chief information security officer, U.S. Internal Revenue Service; and Bola Rotibi, research director, Creative Intellect Consulting Limited, United Kingdom, also are members of the advisory board.

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