Cool App-titude: U.S. Military Acronyms

January 4, 2011
By Rachel Eisenhower

With the number of acronyms and abbreviations used within the U.S. Defense Department, military documents can quickly become alphabet soup. But apps available for the iPhone or Android can help break down the meaning behind thousands of commonly used terms. Developed by Inner Four Inc., the U.S. Military Acronyms and Abbreviations app for the iPhone and iPod Touch defines terms used by the armed forces in both joint and allied joint operations. It covers current abbreviations and acronyms used by the Defense Department. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store. For Android users, the Military Acronyms Pro app searches online databases for more than 150,000 military acronyms and displays the final results. Press down on any item and search for the definition. The app created by Gabe Brandao is available for $0.99, and the Pro version does not contain ads. These sites are not affiliated with AFCEA or SIGNAL Magazine, and we are not responsible for the content or quality of the products offered. When visiting new websites, please use proper Internet security procedures.

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