Homefront Help: SAIC Wounded Warrior Hiring Initiative

June 21, 2012
By Rita Boland

SAIC is working hard to hire more injured veterans through its Wounded Warrior Hiring Initiative. The effort gives these veterans first crack at certain employment opportunities open in the company. Positions are located across the country in different disciplines. Jonathan Cisneros, the staffing assistant dedicated to the program, is a wounded warrior who works hard to find careers for his fellow veterans. When someone applies for one of the featured positions, he works with the hiring managers to find the right fit. Cisneros also encourages recovering veterans to search the larger SAIC careers website for jobs that would suit them, then apply for them through him at jonathan.g.cisneros@saic.com. That way, he can help position them better in the candidate pool.

Homefront Help also has a Facebook page where visitors can gather and share information. If you know of a program that is helping service personnel, veterans or their families, please submit that information to Rita Boland, SIGNAL's news editor.

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