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Joe...not going to comment on the Petraus issue...not after reading Klauthammer's words today. Besides, we have beaten that to death. On ICITE...I find your statement "But listening to these IC seniors I was equally convinced that IC ITE will also require a strong DNI empowering the ODNI staff to compel the IC’s largest agencies to accept collective governance of IC ITE and where necessary direct the reprogramming of agency IT funding to support IC ITE development and implementation in the best interests of the community." to be very true and approaching unobtainium...accept collective governance??? I will note that the DDIRNSA in his really well done words chose not to mention ICITE or the Fort's mandate...he chose rather to tell us what they "must do" and are doing. That might be called leadership by example...but I doubt anyone will actually follow...particularly if it would require reprogramming of THEIR funds. And getting the two agencies to somehow meld (can't use the word merge) their "clouds"...priceless but not reality.