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As a low level intelligence player while in the Navy, it was then obvious to me the strong (and healthy?) egos that comprised the different intelligence agencies. Handling (and reading) thousands upon thousands of Top Secret codeword messages clearly revealed that fact to me. Over the years, as a civilian, it became quite obvious that nothing much changed. The omnipotence of the DNI has yet to be established, and I surmise that only a crisis will effect it. That crisis may be at hand with the rapid turnover of CIA leadership. They may now be readily induced to join the bandwagon and follow orders and procedures ingrained (for the most part) of those in the military. Budget cuts may further force consolidation and integration of collective intelligence gathering and analysis. Possibly, this may be a golden opportunity for a smooth flow of cooperation, without one agency looking down upon another with a false sense of superiority. Pipe dreams maybe; but nevertheless, an eternal hope. The Benghazi incident may be the catalyst. We shall see.