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Great insights Joe as usual. From my vantage, we see IC-ITE, DI2E and JIE all trying to leverage commercial models like Cloud, SOA, and ITIL as a foundation for their consolidation efforts, yet continue to rely on the same antiquated waterfall design-to-spec acquisition processes that created this situation. This problem is further exacerbated by a lack of incentives (for staff and contractors) and relevant expertise needed to achieved the promised savings. Those who have looked at similar strategies like DISA NECC, DIA ALIEN, the GIG, NETCENTRIC Infrastructure, GROUNDBREAKER, and the like, I don't see much difference in the approach. Einstein, if he were alive, would note the insanity of these efforts, continuing the same process and expecting different results. This is not an easy fix, but a starting point might be a focus on re-training and mentoring of the IT workforce, along with some incentives other than the completeness of their compliance checklist.